Secret Agenda

Who's Castrating the Wolves of Wall Street?

Fiction - Mystery - Sleuth
434 Pages
Reviewed on 05/05/2018
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Author Biography

Until she left to pursue her own writing, Barbara Brett was both a magazine and book editor. She is the author of Secret Agenda, Sizzle, Between Two Eternities, and, with her husband, Hy Brett, the critically acclaimed mystery, Promises to Keep.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite

The very first sentence already tells the reader they will be in for something chilling, out of the ordinary: “Moonless nights are made for mischief, especially the sexual romps of Golden Guys like Tony Portman.” I love it when authors are able to get my attention from the very beginning of the story, but sustaining it throughout the entire novel is something that takes skill, and Barbara Brett has that skill. Readers are introduced to a fraternity of powerful men, a group that has always found a way to attain their goals, no matter what these are, dominating both corporate and political circles. They are the movers of Wall Street. This time, their aim is to take over the presidency of the United States, and they are darn sure nothing can stand in their way. But they are in for their greatest surprise as someone with a more sinister agenda is ahead of them, castrating members of the group. Can they, with their power and resources, unveil the face of the enemy before this enemy destroys the whole group? Secret Agenda: Who's Castrating the Wolves of Wall Street? by Barbara Brett is a mesmerizing story of power, corruption, and crime.

The writing is mature, crisp, and it flows with a grace that is unusual. The scenes are focused, and whether describing a rape scene or a graphic image, the author allows readers to see the details clearly. Barbara Brett’s writing is cinematic, flowing with powerful visual images and unending action. From the first page of the narrative, the reader is introduced to an intensity that involves strong emotions, driven and exciting dialogues, and a conflict that escalates at a rapid speed. Secret Agenda: Who's Castrating the Wolves of Wall Street? is a fantastic story, one crafted after the style of Robert Ludlum’s The Icarus Agenda. It’s hot and spellbinding, seasoned with suspense and grim humor.

Howard Simka

Great read.
Although I’m not into novels, this book held my interest from page one
Until the end