Silent Voices

Christian - Fiction
210 Pages
Reviewed on 03/24/2016
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Author Biography

Deborah Ryan Stone has been writing for over twenty years but only began publishing in 2011. Her primary genre is Christian fiction with a message. Her purpose in writing is to inspire and encourage people in their faith.
Deborah Ryan Stone's published works are: The Family, Haunted Memories: Almost Forgotten, Silent Voices and False Truth: Twisted to Destruction.
Deborah is from Mariemont, Oh and currently resides in Southern California. She is a widow and the mother of three sons.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Faridah Nassozi for Readers' Favorite

In Silent Voices by Deborah Ryan Stone, Riley had finally put her life back together after it was nearly destroyed by the disaster of her cancelled wedding. But now Daniel was back and demanding to see her. Daniel - the ex-fiancé who had walked out on her just minutes before she was to walk down the aisle. Something was very wrong with the way he sounded on the phone so Riley decided not to see him. When his demands became threatening, she was taken away by a friend to an undisclosed location. This would keep her safe from Daniel, but it put the people she loved in grave danger as Daniel turned his focus to them. Through all this, Riley could not shake the feeling that she was being watched, and in such disturbing moments she prayed to God for protection. The one question on everyone's mind was what had happened to Daniel to turn him into such a monster. Unknown to everyone was the battle between the forces of darkness and the guardian angels that silently kept watch over them all.

Silent Voices by Deborah Ryan Stone is a moving read about the unseen battle between light and darkness. Deborah Ryan Stone accurately captured the emotions of the story; she perfectly portrayed the feelings of fear, confusion and anxiety that the characters experienced. Riley's story is testimony to the fact that by trusting God and praying to Him, we always find the strength and wisdom to take us through our most vulnerable times. Silent Voices is an uplifting story that will leave you with a hopeful belief that whatever you are going through, there is always an angel watching over you; all you have to do is reach out through prayer.

An Amazon Review by bengalbaby1

Absolutely the best book I have read this year ! I was totally hooked on the 1st chapter.
This book makes you rethink those times where it felt as if someone was there but were
unseen. The insight of how the good and bad "watchers" or guardians could be working
is priceless, such a great job ! This is one of those books you wish would be made into
a movie.

An Amazon Review by Amy

This was a very interesting work of fiction with a fresh perspective on the unseen forces of good and evil that go on everyday without our knowledge or awareness. Stone delves into the possibilities of the the spirit world, while still maintaining a Biblical worldview. Just started another book by the same author, entitled False Truth. So far it seems to have the same imaginative glimpses into the inner workings of the spirit realm that made Silent Voices so interesting. Looking forward to it as well!

An Amazon Customer Review

A wonderful, riveting suspense-filled read! Couldn't put the book down once I got started! The author gives us just a small insight to the spiritual battle that is happening all around us. Would make an excellent movie.