Sisters Red

Young Adult - General
9 Pages
Reviewed on 07/28/2010
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Anne Boiling for Readers' Favorite

Scarlett and Rosie March hunt and kill Fenris. A Fenris is a werewolf. They prey on pretty young girls. After a Fenris attacked the girls and killed their grandmother, Scarlett made it her mission to rid the world of Fenris. The attack left Scarlett emotionally and physically scarred. Scarlett is focused on taking out Fenris, while Rosie dreams of a normal life.

Rosie and Scarlett dress in their red hooded capes and pretend to be naive, vulnerable young girls. (just what the Fentris enjoy for a nice snack) The girls are anything but vulnerable. Those red capes conceal axes and knives.

Scarlett is very protective of her sister. Rosie wants a normal life. She wants to learn to dance and she wants to study art. Rosie wants romance and finds herself falling in love with Silas. Silas is the “potential” the Fentris are searching for.

There is a message in this book for girls and women. Do not talk to strangers. There was actually several messages in this book.

I love fairy tales! This is not your typical fairy tale but it is loosely based on Little Red Riding Hood. The story is told through the sisters’ perspective in alternating chapters. The characters make this book. The author is a master at characterization. While Scarlett and Rosie were very different they were both lovable. The writing is crisp and fresh. The pace is fast. I love this book and will look for more by this author.