Soft Case

Book 1 in the John Keegan Mystery Series

Fiction - Mystery - Murder
365 Pages
Reviewed on 03/28/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite

Homicide Detective John Keegan is bored, yes, so bored out of his wits he even thinks — amusingly or not — about “starting a heroin habit.” It is on one such listless day that his colleague Rick Calhill calls and requests they meet urgently. A meeting for a few beers to discuss a curious thing turns into an investigative assignment, one that will disrupt Keegan’s life in ways he never dreamed possible. Mullins, an accomplished millionaire, has just died in a mysterious manner and everyone thinks it is suicide, everyone but John Keegan, because Keegan couldn’t find a reason for a man with such success to take his own life.

It is not until he starts investigating that Keegan discovers that he’s plunged into murky waters, reeking of stabbings in the back, corruption, intrigue, and suspicion. Keegan believes Mullins was murdered, but by whom? Could it be the wife, the politicians who couldn’t see him run for government, or a jealous friend? Soft Case is an engaging opening into the John Keegan Mystery Series by John Misak, a story with a unique plot and compelling characters.

The story starts in a deceptively slow manner, with the narrator talking about his boredom, but it picks up the pace pretty quickly and the reader’s curiosity is aroused the moment the Mullins case is introduced. The author has crafted very interesting characters and readers will love to follow characters like John Keegan, Agnelli the Captain, Roseanna, and many others. The plot has very unexpected twists and surprises. John Keegan Mystery Series by John Misak shines in many aspects, including character development, the strong plot lines, and the seamless integration of literary elements such as humor, satire, and intelligent dialogue.