Some Thoughts on God and Other Things

Some Thoughts on God and Other Things

Non-Fiction - Religion/Philosophy
130 Pages
Reviewed on 10/24/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Mary C. Blowers for Readers' Favorite

Some Thoughts on God and Other Things by Jerome Gleich is a book that is exactly that. It is almost written like a free thought journal in that Gleich addresses the topic of God from several different angles: God and Religion, What’s God Like, Heaven/Paradise, Ego, Emotions, Free Will, and Final Thoughts. He includes information from other faiths, stating that Christians, Jews and Muslims believe in the same God and use at least some of the same sacred text. Many people will disagree with this, given all the controversy about Muslims in today’s world, but he is speaking of the peace-loving part of the Muslim faith. He does appear to be of the Catholic /Jesuit faith himself.

For the most part this book contains an interesting series of questions and answers, almost like a debate, in which Gleich makes a good case for believing the way that he does. For instance, he questions one of the Ten Commandments which says “Thou shalt not kill.” But if you kill someone who is trying to kill you, is that a sin? What about war, where people are killing other people who are oppressing a third group of people? There is also a section where he challenges the materialism of our world. It is best to live simply, says Gleich, because if you crave something and then you get it you will merely crave something else without ever being satisfied. I have observed this myself; many people are constantly looking for something new and different to satisfy their jaded minds. This seems shallow because it is possible to be content without constant stimulation. In the Christian life, loving God and serving Him by loving others is all we have to do, which the author says will not be enough for materialistic people.

There are many unknowns in the Bible and it can provide a lifetime of introspective reading. Jerome Gleich tries to open the reader’s mind to thinking critically about religion and God. People who enjoy theology may enjoy it, but it will probably be best loved by those who don’t know a lot about God and are searching. I loved this book. The cover is beautiful, and I highlighted several paragraphs that caused me to think differently as a Christian.