Soothing Rain

Living Water To Refresh Your Soul

Christian - Devotion/Study
118 Pages
Reviewed on 11/15/2017
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Reviewed by Sarah Scheele for Readers' Favorite

Soothing Rain: Living Water to Refresh Your Soul by Tonya Jewel Blessing and Sue Summers is a fantastic devotional for women. It’s divided into 52 short themed chapters and is intended to be read in women’s study groups, but I found it was also a great resource when read individually. Topics include humility, spiritual gifts, tolerance, wisdom in dealing with others’ sin, and more. Packed with insightful commentary, little nuggets to chew on, amusing anecdotes, and clever plays on words and exploration of phrases, the down-to-earth writing approaches readers in a friendly, transparent way that breaks down barriers of skepticism and opens the door to accepting God’s radical work in their lives.

Soothing Rain uplifts women to be aware that, yes, there is certainly a place for leadership and empowerment for them within the Christian faith. Tonya’s life as co-director of Strong Cross Ministries in South Africa plays a key role in many of the chapter themes, from stories about culture adjustment to real-life gritty encounters with superstition, womb cleansing, female mutilation, and other issues that surround her as she ministers outside the USA. Tonya excels at drawing unassuming, but exceptionally creative thoughts from something commonplace like perfume, haircuts, or a visit to the dentist, while Sue’s study questions helped me interact with the material in a practical way that pinioned it in my memory. The book was a continual delight. Far from a cut-and-dried typical devotional, Soothing Rain: Living Water to Refresh Your Soul lives up to its name in all ways and is a source of real inspiration. It touched me to the heart and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Darin Godby

Authors Tonya Jewel Blessing and Sue Summers have written a very captivating and encouraging book in Soothing Rain: Living Water to Refresh Your Soul, which gives the reader points to ponder followed by reflective questions that will make the reader dig deeper into each of these points. The book quickly directs the reader to God and away from themselves for the answers to life which they are seeking. It challenges the reader to look within themselves and to align their life with the Word of God and His directions for their life. I personally appreciated the sections on “Salt and Light” as believers are called to be both within this troublesome world. Our salt and our lights are to be something in which the world would be able to quickly identify Jesus Christ and be drawn to Him.

Soothing Rain empowers the reader to move past a stumbling block experience and to become who Christ has called and enabled them to be. Maybe my favorite chapter was the one entitled Ode to the Man in Brown, where they describe their experiences with a UPS man and how they respond over time and build upon kindness and the Word of God. There are many stories of where they are serving as missionaries and how people deal with life in different ways. There are personal illustrations that allow the reader to connect with the authors on a deeper level. Also, there are scriptural texts that are shared for each of the 52 weekly lessons that allow the reader to dig deeper into scripture along with answering reflective questions.

Vernita Naylor

In the world today there are several things that challenge who we are and what we stand for. In this fallen world we need guidance and principles that we can rely on to help us through. In Soothing Rain: Living Water To Refresh Your Soul by Tonya Jewel Blessing and Sue Summers, you will receive 52 weeks of guidance to reflect on the best ways to muddle through everyday life, from surrender to comfort. Look at this book as a mentoring resource. Authors Tonya and Sue challenge you to go inward and dig deep into who God has meant for you to be. As you read this book, the daily sessions will help you to create a routine of commitment and self-improvement. The book will give you information to read, exercises to perform, and scriptures to help you to better relate to and understand the message for the day.

This is a great book and offers several special treats. Whether you use it individually or in group sessions, the material is extremely relevant. The daily devotions are helpful, but adding the messages prior to the exercises makes the material more helpful and relevant. The importance of the exercises allows the reader to think more deeply about things that you may not otherwise have thought about, and to work through some tough spots that have been buried or hidden. By getting a copy of this book you will not only be refreshing your soul, but tapping in to those dry bones that need life. Water represents purity, circulation, wisdom and cleansing; let it wash over you.

Christian Sia

Soothing Rain: Living Water to Refresh Your Soul by Tonya Jewel Blessing and Sue Summers is a devotional, inspiring book that offers readers the opportunity to rediscover the beauty and richness of the scriptures. It is a slim book comprising 52 compelling devotionals, masterfully crafted to draw the reader into dialogue with the living word, just like the woman in the Bible to whom Jesus speaks about the wellsprings of “living water.” This book can be used by women in small study groups as well as in Bible classes. Each devotional contains searching questions that are crafted to create a powerful sense of awareness of God’s endearing love, explore the deeper meaning of Jesus’ words, and invite readers to reexamine their life and their options in the light of the words of God.

Here is a compelling book, a tool that will be a great Christmas gift to young girls. It is also a workbook for any woman who wants to redefine her life in the light of her relationship with Christ of the Gospels. It will enable them to understand God’s will for their lives and what it takes to fulfill that will. I love books that provoke thought and reflection, books that challenge the way we live, and Soothing Rain: Living Water to Refresh Your Soul is one such book. The reader is left in no doubt that the authors, Tonya Jewel Blessing and Sue Summers, are experts in biblical study and their message is delivered in a style that is simple and uplifting. This book provides the space where readers can interact with the word of God and gain insight, wisdom, and inspiration.

Ruffina Oserio

Soothing Rain: Living Water to Refresh Your Soul by Tonya Jewel Blessing and Sue Summers is a great book in the area of devotion and Bible study, a tool that will allow readers — especially Christians — to deepen their understanding of God’s message of love for humanity and to grow in their relationship with God through a strong connection with the words of Jesus. Drawing inspiration from the biblical encounter between Jesus and the Samaritan women at the well, the authors demonstrate with great clarity and compelling prose the place that Jesus — the Living Water — has in our lives. I particularly love this encounter and the fact that the message of this book is addressed to women.

Written by two authorities in the Bible and in communication, the book reads beautifully and it contains 52 studies that can be spread over a period of 52 weeks or days. Each lesson is refreshing, offering new insights, advice, and depth of understanding into the words of Jesus. It is interesting to notice the interactive character of the writing, which compels readers to formulate their own personal answers to the resounding invitation that comes across in the writing. This book is a treasure trove, a gift of faith and love, a book that will moisten the arid landscapes of our soul and enable the seeds of God’s love to take root and grow. It can be read individually and it can also be great material for Bible study groups. Soothing Rain: Living Water to Refresh Your Soul is compelling and the voices of Tonya Jewel Blessing and Sue Summers are irresistible. Buy this book for yourself and get a copy for a friend or a loved one.