Spine Damage

Fiction - Mystery - General
328 Pages
Reviewed on 06/01/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Liz Konkel for Readers' Favorite

Spine Damage by Sharon St. George is an Aimee Machado Mystery. When Paulo Ferrara is brought into the Intensive Care Unit after being shot, he gives a message to Aimee Machado's mother: find his missing sister, Liliana. The only neurosurgeon that can help him is Dr. Godfrey Carver, who is on the brink of suspension for not completing education requirements. Told to let the police handle the case, Aimee can't just let it go, not when she knows she can do more. Retracing Paulo's steps, and questioning Liliana's friend lead Aimee and her boyfriend, Nick, to a yacht, and onto the tracks of a mysterious online American boyfriend. Time is running out as Paulo's condition worsens, but Aimee refuses to give up.

Sharon St. George brings strong prose, with vivid details and dedication to the mystery. Spine Damage is intelligently written, with a literary quality to the storytelling, and driven characters. The side characters are well-defined and spring the plot forward, with every scene counting. The case is at the center of the plot, but Aimee's life isn't sidelined. Her daily struggles, work, and family are a large part of what helps her put details together. Aimee is a delightful narrator, full of heart, and is driven not to simply solve the case, but to find answers and justice. The mystery is real, riveting and challenging as Aimee puts forth every effort not to give up. The action keeps you guessing until the very end. A compelling read for any mystery lover!