Spirit of Prophecy

Non-Fiction - Autobiography
160 Pages
Reviewed on 08/09/2022
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Author Biography

Deborah Morley
God Anointed:

Deborah Morley is an American Citizen: author born in Nassau, Bahamas/Collins Avenue. Into a Spiritual Family of eight siblings.

Chosen by God: seal with the Holy Spirit, and have the Revelation of Jesus Christ the Son of God.

A Prophetess, Visionary, Spiritual healer, who is connected to God Almighty and have the Resurrection powers.

Who walks and talks with God: Spiritually influential. hears and answere prayers.

Born: November 4th, 1960 NB
Parents: Juanita Minnis Irvin Morley ( Deceased )

    Book Review

Reviewed by Diana Lopez for Readers' Favorite

Deborah Morley had a great affinity with Jesus since she was a child. She accepted him from the first time she saw him, during an inspirational experience. She also saw him in dreams and visions. As the years passed, her visions acquired more meaning. Deborah went through many times of hardship, especially when she had no food or work. All she could count on was her faith in Jesus. Throughout her life, she always found counsel in the Bible and overcame her difficulties. In Spirit of Prophecy, Deborah relates her own story, providing proof that there were moments in her life that were manifestations of faith. The descriptions of her visions are clear, and through Spirit of Prophecy, she assures us that God wants to protect us from danger.

Deborah Morley demonstrates that her way of living is aligned with the teachings of the Bible. Her narration mentions several biblical passages without breaking the continuity. Spirit of Prophecy is for those who want to strengthen their faith and share various life teachings from the author. I liked the story because it is fascinating and easy to follow. The book is a clear reminder that God has given us the gift of life, so we should appreciate and enjoy it every day. We can find happiness in both the good times and the bad. Deborah is an example of this because she understood humility and living in solitude, but she also came to enjoy freedom.