Surprising DIY Droopy Eyelid Lift!

Healthy You Book 3 Bonus

Non-Fiction - Health - Fitness
119 Pages
Reviewed on 04/02/2022
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Author Biography

Hello! I'm KJ Walt. I'm a licensed massage therapist and have been for many years.

I created the 3 book Healthy You series to give you a shortcut to a healthier, less painful life!

If I can help one person achieve their goal or goals, I'm grateful and honored. You are worth it!

I'm also the author of Monstrosity: Apartment Complex on Deadman Lane Box Set.

People acting atrociously...and paying for it.

This is a humorous set of eight episodes that have a deeper meaning lurking in the twist-filled, laugh-out-loud storyline.

Laughter is great for the soul!

    Book Review

Reviewed by Jamie Michele for Readers' Favorite

Surprising DIY Droopy Eyelid Lift! by KJ Walt is a book of natural, homemade skin and hair care recipes. As the title promises, there is an eyelid lift technique for individuals who see the effects of what is medically known as ptosis, a condition where the upper eyelid situates itself in a downturn beyond what is and has been normal for the individual. It can occur with one or both eyes and for a variety of reasons. Walt's technique is a fingertip to face touch technique that incorporates ultra-light touch, hold and lift movements that are manual. She offers additional advice on lymph drainage for water retention and other areas of the face, neck, and chest, employing her years of experience as a massage therapist in the therapies.

Surprising DIY Droopy Eyelid Lift! is so much more than an eyelid lift, and I cover that on its own in its introduction because it is most likely that would be the reason a reader would pick this specific book. In addition to the eyelid lift, KJ Walt provides a complete encyclopedia of twenty-five bath and body recipes using all-natural ingredients, and additional recipes as a peek into the first two books in her Healthy You series. There is a Vanilla Woods moisturizing perfume recipe that is to die for and an anti-aging pineapple powder mask that I'm not sure I could live without anymore. My daughter was excited about the natural color pop recipes for hair, which uses mica for a temporary streak of color in an almost limitless number of shades. I came for the eyelid lift and left with loads of healthy additions to play with. Amazing!

Vernita Naylor

Every day we are looking for ways to look younger, eat better, and live healthier. There are so many products and services at our disposal that offer miracle solutions. Despite how expensive they may be, some people are willing to take out loans to avoid taking the time to do the work or because they're looking for quick and easy results. If we are willing to do the work, Surprising DIY Droopy Eyelid Lift!: Healthy You Book 3 Bonus by KJ Walt can help. The title is misleading because this author and massage therapist not only provides remedies for droopy eyelids but this little gem is power-packed with tips, tricks, and healthy solutions for pain relief, reducing fine lines, relieving dry skin, hair coloring, enhancing bone health, improving sleep, reducing body fluid, minimizing cellulite, and so much more. Some of the ingredients here will help you to get started. In your kitchen, you may find some honey or cinnamon, in your bathroom Epsom salts or you can go to your local health food store and pick up some strawberry or pineapple powders or essential oils.

I fully enjoyed reading Surprising DIY Droopy Eyelid Lift!: Healthy You Book 3 Bonus by KJ Walt because not only is it a book that's easy to follow and a simple read but the author provides links to resources for the reader to obtain additional information if needed. While this book is ideal in providing Do It Yourself (DIY) solutions, the author highly recommends that you use caution with any product by performing an allergic patch test before fully applying. Always consult a medical professional to be sure if some of the suggestions are right for you, especially if you're taking prescribed medications. As an added bonus there are some wonderful desserts and smoothies for you to enjoy. If you want to find ways to grow old disgracefully while not breaking the bank give this book a try. Recommended.

Sarah Stuart

KJ Walt's Surprising DIY Droopy Eyelid Lift! Healthy You Book 3 Bonus is truly surprising! It does indeed tackle droopy eyelids, bags under the eyes, plus overall facial skin tightening. The illustrated gentle exercises are incredibly easy and only take time until you’ve memorised the sequence. What I was not expecting were comprehensive instructions for a complete makeover, none of which were going to cost the equal of one visit to a beauty salon. No driving and parking hassle. None of the inevitable waiting because “we are running a little behind, Sarah”. What is more, with very little effort and expense, I can ease aches and pains, rid myself of cellulite – how often have I read that promise? – and sleep better.

Book 3 Bonus? “Natural Beauty Skincare Recipes”! KJ Walt bases a lot of them on Shea Butter. It sounds expensive, and it is if you pay for a brand name and a fancy jar, but I found it priced at less than two dollars for 50 grams! Ten dollars would set you up for several recipes; they are made to last. They include deodorant with a delicate scent and powerful properties, a lotion bar for dry skin, moisturizing perfume, natural pick-me-ups, and hair color so safe a child can play “making up like Mom” with it safely. Possibly the greatest treasure is a mixture that strengthens bones and has the glorious side-effect of peaceful night-long sleep. Ladies – and gentlemen – a copy of Surprising DIY Droopy Eyelid Lift! Healthy You Book 3 Bonus by KJ Walt has the potential to transform your life!