The Amazing Apple Tree

The Amazing Apple Tree

Children - Educational
40 Pages
Reviewed on 06/23/2017
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Reviewed by Vernita Naylor for Readers' Favorite

Have you ever thought about how beautiful nature can be when it passes by and kisses an apple tree? The Amazing Apple Tree by Donna Brooks is a colorful children’s picture book about how the apple tree evolves as the four seasons - Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter - change, as seen through the eyes of a little girl. Donna Brooks has cleverly created an educational approach to teaching children about the different elements of Mother Nature and its effects. Each season brings with it a touch of love, unity and connection. Spring offers the gift of flowers, butterflies, sweet fragrances and pollination. Summer brings with it apples and a time when the animals find shade and play under the tree. In the Fall, it's the time for rain showers, rainbows, and food being collected for the winter. Winter is the time for the apple tree to hibernate so that it can start again, to bring anew delicious, shiny apples.

I loved this story because of its profound message. As children read through the pages, they will not only be entertained, but the book will also provide them with a platform where they can create their own connection to the four seasons. Children will see so many beautiful pictures in this book - a variety of animals and other creatures and plants, from grasshoppers and bees to flowers. Changing seasons reflect transition. Everything changes and evolves, and as your child reads this book, what do you think your child will see as they walk through the four seasons?

Michelle Panek

Amazing story like the amazing Apple tree!!! Beautifully written!