The Amazing Claims of Bible Prophecy

What You Need To Know In These Uncertain Times

Christian - Devotion/Study
240 Pages
Reviewed on 05/25/2010
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Lynette Fowlston for Readers' Favorite

There have been many books written over the years about Bible Prophecy, some good and some bad. Mark Hitchcock’s book, "The Amazing Claims of Bible Prophecy", devotes the first half of the book to the Old Testament Prophecy which has come to pass. He clearly demonstrates how God is in control. Part two of the book deals with coming events, the rapture, the countries involved and the tribulation. I agree with the author, we are living in the last days and should open our eyes to the events around us. Of course there will be many skeptics who will not believe and that has also been foretold. The Late Great United States has also been written by Mr. Hitchcock and The Amazing Claims far surpasses it. The author has matured in his writing.

Although I am not a Bible Scholar, I have read quite a few books on prophecy. Each author demonstrates a different view or angle. Mr. Hitchcock’s book is not a feel good, warm and fuzzy read. He does not paint the picture of a bright future but you can have peace if you are a believer.