The Big Inch

The Big Inch

Fiction - Historical - Event/Era
342 Pages
Reviewed on 08/08/2017
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Reviewed by Susan Sewell for Readers' Favorite

The Big Inch by Kimberly Fish is a fascinating historical novel set in Longview, Texas, during World War Two. Lane Mercer is a member of the OSS, and after a harrowing and tragic assignment in France, she has recently been reassigned to Texas. After the fiasco she had just endured, Lane, feeling like a failure, isn't sure she wants to continue her undercover work. Although she is all but convinced she wants to quit, her director assures her that this newest assignment is right for her. Lane's job consists of protecting the man in charge of building the pipeline that is to carry crude oil to the east. Her job is to make sure that he and the pipeline being built are not sabotaged by the Nazis. Unexpectedly, with a Mafia hit in progress, the quiet town holds more danger than Lane or her supervising agent anticipated.

The Office of Strategic Services' efforts behind the president's push for oil during World War Two is well-portrayed in The Big Inch by Kimberly Fish. It is an exciting historical fiction novel filled with intrigue and subterfuge. The story is laced with suspense, danger, and risk, allowing the reader to experience life during one of the most daunting and challenging times in American history. Although the rationing of food, gas, and personal items is understated, the story is compelling. If you enjoy suspenseful stories infused with historical facts and intrigue, then this is one novel you won't want to miss. I would recommend this book to those aged sixteen and older.