The Girl Who Saved Ghosts

The Unbelievables, Book 2

Young Adult - Paranormal
280 Pages
Reviewed on 07/29/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

The Girl Who Saved Ghosts: The Unbelievables, Book 2 is a time-travel paranormal fantasy novel for young and new adults written by K.C. Tansley. Kat was way too familiar with ghosts popping up when she least expected them and asking for her help. She had been able to block them in the past, but things had changed; she was not the same girl she had been before the summer vacation. She had had plans for her senior year in prep school, the typical plans most teens have, but their summer adventure at Castle Creighton had left her totally adrift and not at all sure what kind of future she would actually get to have. Not only did she learn that she was able to travel back into the past and actually change things, but she became aware of the Langley family’s heritage. She hadn’t known much at all about her dad; he had left her and her mom years ago when Kat was an infant. Having him send her the Langley ring was strange enough. After years of his seeming neglect, she had simply tossed it in a drawer. Now, she understood a bit more about her ancestry. She was a green-eyed Langley, and the ring had chosen her to be the next Langley heir. The only problem was, Langley heirs don’t live very long at all, and something or someone called the Dark One was determined to destroy her.

K.C. Tansley’s time-travel paranormal fantasy novel for young and new adults, The Girl Who Saved Ghosts: The Unbelievables, Book 2, has monsters, ghosts and a legacy that binds four families together for generations to come. Tansley includes enough background information within the story to allow this book to be read on its own, but I’d strongly recommend starting with The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts, the first book in the series. The author has built up an original and compelling fantasy world in The Unbelievables series and starting with the second one will have readers losing out on the histories, interactions and complex personalities of her characters, as well as missing out on having a deeper understanding of the continuing story line. Tansley’s plot works quite well on a number of levels. There are definite elements of the sword and sorcery genre as well as touches of urban fantasy, coming of age and action and adventure genres. I especially enjoyed watching as Kat forms an enduring kinship with an earlier ancestor who becomes a mentor, friend and more. Tansley gives the reader a lot to think about in this decidedly different and very readable fantasy novel that deftly poses ethical questions and theories about the afterlife mixed in with all the action and suspense. The Girl Who Saved Ghosts: The Unbelievables, Book 2 is most highly recommended.