The Law Firm Revolution

The Law Firm Revolution

Non-Fiction - Business/Finance
158 Pages
Reviewed on 10/22/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite

What does it take to survive, to thrive, and reach high levels of success as a lawyer in today’s highly competitive and complex business world? In The Law Firm Revolution, career professional, founder, and experienced attorney, Clelia Pergola, shares powerful tips and offers the wisdom that lawyers and legal professionals need to win in the business world.

From what it takes to set up a successful law firm to hiring the right people and building a winning business relationship to finding the right clients and providing exceptional services, the author shares powerful and insightful advice that will benefit lawyers in every category. Running a law firm, catering to clients, and ensuring that every aspect of the law is judiciously followed can be daunting. But Clelia Pergola, breaks the process down and demonstrates with clarity of phrase that law professionals can beat every odd and create a seamless environment where law can be successfully practiced.

The writing is imbued with great insight and wisdom, flowing gracefully. There is no doubt that the author writes from her long experience in the legal profession. She makes her points with the authority of a professional who knows so well what she is talking about. I loved the voice — it’s strong and authoritative. I also loved the fact that the author has remained very relevant in delivering the message of this book, integrating elements of today’s business challenges and technology into her writing. The Law Firm Revolution is a groundbreaking, revolutionary book for law professionals of this age. You’ll find the tools and resources you need to make it big in the practice.

Edith Wairimu

The Law Firm Revolution by Clelia Pergola and Barbara Mannino is a finance/business non-fiction book, geared towards aiding those in the law profession and other business leaders whose focus is to make a difference within their firm and improve operational efficiency. Clelia Pergola and Barbara Mannino investigate the main components that make up an effective administration system, such as building the right teams and clearly defining a coherent purpose for the firm. They review the role of communication, data management and reporting in ensuring the firm’s prosperity. The authors also put an emphasis on the study of a firm’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT Analysis) in light of problem-solving and operational efficiency.

I found the expansive and well-researched information contained in The Law Firm Revolution really useful to any professional wanting to learn management techniques. Reading the book could also be informative to professionals thinking of venturing out on their own, yet feel that their administrative skills are inadequate. By reading the book, I got to expand my knowledge and develop a new understanding of management practices. Some of the key points that stood out for me include the importance of linking the mission of the firm to the target audience and ensuring short-term goals feed into long-term ones. Clelia Pergola and Barbara Mannino’s The Law Firm Revolution aroused my interest on the usefulness of tracking the firm’s overall performance in addition to analyzing financial trends. These useful points are just a few of those contained in the book. There is something to learn with each page turned by any reader.

Christian Sia

The Law Firm Revolution by Clelia Pergola is a book that offers readers the tools they require to transform their business in law and take it to higher levels of success. With such cut-throat competition in the field, it can be very challenging for new players to survive, not to mention excel. But seasoned lawyer Clelia Pergola offers surprising answers to questions that legal professionals grapple with, creating a road map to success in the legal business. She offers powerful insights into the challenges that law firms encounter in today’s fast-changing and techno-centric business environment, from meeting the demands of clients, to getting suitable staff and creating a great work environment, to facing the challenges of serving the law.

What tools do lawyers need to succeed in today’s world? How can they successfully launch their law firms and how can they transform their existing businesses into more successful ones that attract the right clients? Such are questions that are masterfully answered in this slim, yet compelling book. Well-crafted and laced with practical examples, this is one of the books that should become a companion for law practitioners and anyone interested in understanding the legal environment. Clients are encouraged to read this kind of book before considering hiring a lawyer. It is packed with excellent and timely advice and information that readers would like to know. I enjoyed the way the author weaves her experience into the work. The Law Firm Revolution is a must-read for lawyers and law students who are keen on starting a profitable business once they complete school.

Ruffina Oserio

The Law Firm Revolution by Clelia Pergola and Barbara Mannino is a book that will help any legal professional looking to create an impact in the industry start correctly. From the beginning, one has no doubt that this book is written by experts, an experienced lawyer who runs her own business, and a journalist. This is the book the reader needs to clarify their purpose and vision, and build a law firm that will attract the type of clients that are suitable for them. In this well-written book, the authors highlight the key components of a winning law firm, from starting right, to creating effective systems and processes, to developing impeccable communication within the team, to adopting the best marketing strategies. In today’s high-tech culture and when there is great competition in the market, a successful lawyer needs to be enlightened, smart, and tech savvy.

This book answers the question: How can a lawyer successfully build their business amidst the challenges of our contemporary marketplace, offer top-notch services to clients, and build a great team without compromising the demands of the law? To answer this question, the author brings in a wealth of experience and expertise, coupled with evident research to craft a path that will, undoubtedly, guarantee success for lawyers. I couldn’t help but be impressed by the excellent prose, the compelling voice, and the authority that flows through the entire writing. It reflects a confidence that can only be the result of long experience and expertise. There are very insightful passages that will delight readers, examples that are carefully crafted to drive home strong points. The Law Firm Revolution is a powerful tool for lawyers, packed with innovative ideas and winning strategies.

Samantha Dewitt (Rivera)

There are several things that are important in creating a successful law firm, but it starts with building a high quality team. Using the DISC system, you can understand your team as well as all of the people you’re thinking about hiring to improve that team. But the team itself is only one part of your firm, and when it comes to things like creating your vision, developing a positive system, and creating a process that really works, you can be far better prepared by simply using The Law Firm Revolution by Clelia Pergola and Barbara Mannino. All you need to do is take a look at how you’re running your company, and how these tips and tricks are going to make it better.

With The Law Firm Revolution, you actually learn about everything it takes to improve your business and the people who are involved in it. This book is all about fixing problems that you may have before they actually occur by helping you understand your business, the people in it, and how they can (and do) help you. With this book, you’ll be able to go through your business from the top down and find what you need to make things a whole lot better. With plenty of information, instructions, images, and even chapter recaps, you can make sure that you’re following the right instructions and getting off to the right start. Your business is definitely going to thank you and, more importantly, your employees, clients, and even your family are going to thank you for making the improvements necessary to change your business and change your life for the better.