The Lousiest Unicorn

The Lousiest Unicorn

Young Adult - Fantasy - General
379 Pages
Reviewed on 05/18/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Stephen Fisher for Readers' Favorite

The Lousiest Unicorn by Carrie Finke is a cleverly written fantasy adventure that begins with Aliniara, a vain young unicorn that meets the Princess Vivian. When a witch happens upon them, Aliniara begins to flee and is surprised when the princess is able to mount her before she can escape. Sadly, they could not outrun the spell that the witch has cast that switched their identities. After the explosion of the magic spell, both of them fall into unconsciousness. Aliniara awakens to find out that she no longer has her own beautifully graceful body, but is instead trapped in Princess Vivian's human form. She finds that she is about to be married to Prince Drystan. Aliniara tries to tell the queen about her predicament, but the queen constantly interrupts Aliniara's attempts to explain her dilemma.

Ms. Finke does an superb job of capturing the magical transformation of what it would be like to wake up in a different body, and having to come to terms with a set of customs and circumstances that are foreign to our heroine. Carrie is able to convey the understanding and communication between the transformed victims' role reversal. Aliniara and Vivian have to work together if they are going to succeed in getting their bodies back, but their personalities clash in a comedic way that reminded me of a female version of the Odd Couple. Carrie Finke's The Lousiest Unicorn is a fantastical tale, full of surprises and witty dialog that entertains on every level. Well done!