The Map

The Way of All Great Men

Christian - Devotion/Study
241 Pages
Reviewed on 04/25/2010
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Anne Boiling for Readers' Favorite

This book begins with the author’s fictional account of his search for a map that will lead to a mysterious document. The fictional account is filled with intrigue, suspense and adventure.

The last part of this book is a description of how men should follow Jesus's example. Murrow suggests Jesus walked three paths, submission, strength and sacrifice. The author suggests contemporary men should walk the same three paths. While I agree, I do not think the author went far enough. Women should also walk the same three paths. However, the author concentrates on men in this book.

The author purports the emasculation of men in Christianity. I have mixed feelings on the author’s point. I do see more women taking leadership roles in major denominations. My belief is that God loves us all equally and blesses us with talents. We are not all blessed with the same talent. I do not believe that God discriminates between male and female. So why are more men not taking active leadership roles in churches? The author feels it is because Christianity is not macho enough. I’m not sure I can agree with this.
Whether I agree or disagree with the author’s position, the last part of this book is well written. I felt the author should have left out the fictional account at the beginning of this book. The second part stands better alone.