The Movie Star

A Goodwater Ranch Romance

Romance - Contemporary
275 Pages
Reviewed on 01/17/2022
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Pikasho Deka for Readers' Favorite

The Movie Star is a romantic comedy novel written by Amanda Lewis. After being rejected for a loan by the local bank to build an ambitious restaurant, twenty-eight-year-old restaurant owner Simone Lafitte is determined to come up with the funds to chase her dreams. She discovers the perfect opportunity when Hollywood action-movie star Chris Powers returns to the town of Goodwater Ranch after a gap of ten long years. Still haunted by their encounter at her sister's wedding all those years ago, Simone gathers her courage and visits Chris to ask for a loan. However, she is repulsed by the man he has become. Meanwhile, Chris instantly becomes enamored with Simone's beauty and attitude to life. As sparks rekindle between the two, can Simone take a leap of faith and trust Chris?

Author Amanda Lewis weaves an absorbing yarn of star-crossed lovers filled with romance and humor that is bound to charm its way into your heart. The Movie Star is the story of two people from vastly different backgrounds who find kindred spirits in each other after ten years of an unforgettable encounter. With relatable characters who are easy to root for, the narrative keeps you glued to the pages with a seamless blend of snappy dialogue, wit, and palpable chemistry between the two main protagonists. Chris and Simone's relationship provides the narrative thrust to the story. Apart from the two, Simone's friends and family also play a vital role in the narrative. I thoroughly enjoyed The Movie Star, and I'll recommend it to anyone who loves romantic comedies.

Edith Wairimu

In equal parts entertaining and humorous, The Movie Star: A Goodwater Ranch Romance by Amanda Lewis is a romantic comedy driven by two fascinating characters. Though she has years of experience under her belt and her mom owns a successful bakery and restaurant, bank after bank rejects Simone’s credit application. One year ago, she had started a hotel. She plans to start a restaurant that complements the hotel but without sufficient financial backing, all her well-laid plans will never materialize to become the restaurant she has dreamed of starting. But there is another way: to find a millionaire who is willing to invest in her dreams. However, Simone cannot stand the only millionaire investor she finds who also happens to be a celebrated movie star she knew years ago.

The Movie Star is a charming story with a lovely ending. I loved the hilarious conversations included in the book which play on the main characters' differences. The secondary characters, who include Simone’s family and friends, are also well developed. Family dynamics are explored and they help expand the main characters and their backgrounds. The small-town setting also adds to the story’s charm. I loved the dramatic scenes in the story which brought out the characters’ feelings and made them palpable. I also liked Simone’s resolve to see her plans through, despite facing numerous setbacks. The Movie Star by Amanda Lewis is an entertaining love story that pairs a playful, obnoxious movie star with a fiery businesswoman. Its funny conversations and dramatic scenes make it a great read for fans of romantic comedies.

Hayley Haun

If small-town series are your bread and butter, then don’t be afraid to chomp down on The Movie Star by Amanda Lewis. Simone Lifette is a restaurateur who hopes to secure a loan so she can finally make her dream restaurant happen. The problem is the bank won’t give it to her, and Simone must find another way to raise funds. Call it destiny or luck, but an old flame is shooting his movie in town. As a celebrity, Chris Powers has more than enough money to back Simone’s project. The two strike a deal, but also strike a match, lighting the old flame. Sparks fly. Simone tries her best to deny she still has feelings for Chris. Bit by bit, she is melting. Is Chris the same? Or has he changed for the better?

I got all the warm, fluttery, and sweet feels a Hallmark movie gives packed into this one book. And, it is funny I say this too because at one point in The Movie Star, a certain character makes jabs at the quintessential Hallmark movie trope. Thankfully, more characters back up why we all love it so much (even if we don’t want to admit it). Amanda Lewis utilizes the tools to get our hearts going. We want to see enemies change to lovers, lost loves, and small-town romances. There is something about these universal fantasies that we can’t but help love. What is wrong with a happy ending? It may be every girl’s dream, but there is a reason for it. Thank you, Amanda Lewis, for showing us all why!