The Old Cape Hollywood Secret

Fiction - Suspense
294 Pages
Reviewed on 09/29/2017
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Author Biography

Barbara Eppich Struna, author of "The Old Cape House" and "The Old Cape Teapot," had as much fun writing "The Old Cape Hollywood Secret", as she did researching the novel. The 1927 Pig & Whistle Pub and Grauman's Chinese Theatre, located on Hollywood Boulevard, are just a few of the famous landmarks featured in this historical adventure. Struna's present-day character, Nancy Caldwell, returns in the author's third novel set in Old Hollywood and on Cape Cod where she leads you on a journey filled with suspense and nostalgia.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Dr. Oliva Dsouza for Readers' Favorite

The Old Cape Hollywood Secret by Barbara Eppich Struna is an edge of your seat thrilling murder mystery. Maggie Foster and her cousin, Gertie, leave their small town of Cape Cod to seek their fortune in Hollywoodland in 1947. One of the girls disappears, never to be heard from again until Jim, in the present day, happens to dig up a body that seems to have been buried for a long time. What happened to the young girls? How did they get mixed up in a rich man's story of a precious ring and a pearl-studded pouch? Are old photographs and a few leads enough to unravel the ugly truth? Will Nancy, who is an amateur when it comes to dealing with criminals, be able to put the pieces of the puzzle together?

What an enthralling read! The Old Cape Hollywood Secret by Barbara Eppich Struna had me hanging onto every single word and page from start to finish. The shift between the past and the present day scenarios is swift, smooth, and helps the reader in connecting the dots without actually guessing the entire plot. The connections and loose ends are beautifully tied up towards the end. The story gives an insight into what greed, power, and control are all about. The story covers a period of over fifty plus years, and sends a message that no criminal can commit the perfect crime and the dead can rise again to tell their stories. All the characters are perfectly fleshed out and, hopefully, we get to read more about Nancy and Stephen's new adventures. Awesome work!