The Patchwork Girl

The Patchwork Girl

Young Adult - Fantasy - General
343 Pages
Reviewed on 09/12/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Lit Amri for Readers' Favorite

In The Patchwork Girl by Sebastian Bendix, 16-year-old Padget Beaumont is trudging through life-her scientist dad has mysteriously disappeared for months, she is shunned at school, and lost her best friend because of a boy. Padget is determined to face these annoying hardships and everything seems to get better, albeit slowly. Unfortunately, when her skin is strangely transformed into a bizarre, calico patchwork, and her gym teacher attacks her without reason, Padget is forced to escape to another dimension, to the city of Nusalem to be exact. She must search for her missing father there while trying to survive the dangerous city.

The intriguing premise is delivered in a solid plot, and the clear cut prose paves the way for a flawless read. There are witches, vampires, demons, werewolves and several creepy antagonists enough to satisfy the supernatural fans. There’s a good dose of sci-fi element too. The characterization is good, although I’m most fond of Sundown, Padget’s pet python. My only peeve is that I’m not quite happy with how things turn out for some characters. That said, I don’t consider this as a flaw in the story. The level of violence and grotesque in this dark supernatural is expected and definitely not for young teens. On the whole, even though The Patchwork Girl is geared towards YA readers, some older readers would find it a solid read. It deserves a place in the supernatural/fantasy genre as a good page turner from Sebastian Bendix.