The Supermarket Guy IV

The Supermarket Guy IV

Fury of the Climate Changer

Fiction - Humor/Comedy
225 Pages
Reviewed on 05/10/2017
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Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite

The Supermarket Guy IV: Fury of the Climate Changer by Daren Doucet is a deliciously humorous story with compelling characters, a lot of drama, and fun stuff for the reader. Harold, who works in a supermarket, is suddenly in trouble, considered unfit, stressed, and perhaps having mental issues which may disqualify him as the best person to head the supermarket headquarters. Harold turns his attention to his home garden, but then a groundhog starts creating numerous tunnels under his garden. Read about how his home becomes a hot spot, how he reconnects with his old colleagues, and what must be done to save his franchise from going extinct, and the whole food chain supply. This is a story of self-discovery, of scam, of friendship, and of commitment. It would be pretty hard to give a succinct summary of this story because of its complexity, but it is a boisterous and utterly humorous ride that readers will want to be part of.

Daren Doucet is a brilliant author who combines drama with humor to offer readers a one-of-a-kind entertainment. The plot is complex, with subplots and surprises that are thrilling. I enjoyed the way the author presented the work environment around the main character, and how the themes of trust and friendship are beautifully explored. The writing is nothing short of exquisite, with brilliant descriptions, humorous turns of phrases, and intelligently crafted dialogues. If you want something hilarious, like a book with episodes that will have you rolling on the floor, then The Supermarket Guy IV: Fury of the Climate Changer is the perfect fit.