The Unthinkable Truth

Fiction - Science Fiction
335 Pages
Reviewed on 05/08/2024
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Author Biography

A scientist by training, a thinker by nature, and an author by passion, Yona Bouskila has a particular fascination with the human mind in all its aspects. He studied biology (with philosophy) and received a PhD in neuroscience from UCLA. He describes The Unthinkable Truth as a thought-provoking semi-realistic novel that culminates in an eye-opening revelation on the mind and humanity. He writes short stories, often with a humorous slant, and his debut novel will be published in May 2024. He lives in England with his wife and pets, where he enjoys the Surrey countryside and contemplating life.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Susan van der Walt for Readers' Favorite

The Unthinkable Truth by Yona Bouskila introduces us to George Bennett, a theoretical physics and cosmology professor. After the death of his beloved wife and soulmate, he withdrew from academia until Ben McFarland from UNESCO contacted him to work on a secret DABI project. DABI projects aim to find definite answers to significant issues. George questions why he finds himself on a plane to Paris to participate in this project, especially considering the secrecy about its particular objective. He realizes it is because of his innate curiosity. The mystery deepens when he meets the seven other participants from various and diverse fields. However, the one definite requirement is that their conclusion must be based only on provable scientific facts.

Conflict will undoubtedly arise when you bring together eight brilliant scientific minds and ask them to explore a hotly debated topic. However, Yona Bouskila also creates suspense through Ben's and Skudder's refusal to give answers about the project's specific purpose and insistence that they all sign a non-disclosure agreement, raising suspicion that everything is not what they make it out to be. When the scientists refuse to keep their conclusion quiet, they realize that it was a setup - they find themselves in a meeting place perfectly designed to easily hold them captive until they agree to keep their conclusion secret. Escaping becomes quite challenging with an AI watching their every move and controlling all the exits! The Unthinkable Truth is an intriguing choice for readers interested in psychology, neuroscience, and the ethics debate around scientific studies.