This Book Is Perfect!

A Funny Interactive Read Aloud Picture Book For Kids Ages 3-7

Children - Grade K-3rd
Kindle Edition
Reviewed on 02/13/2023
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Kim Zoby for Readers' Favorite

This Book is Perfect! A Funny Interactive Read Aloud Picture Book For Kids Ages 3-7 by Ron Keres is a hilarious children's storybook featuring Finn the frog, who is a tad bit neurotic about cleanliness. Unlike other swamp toads, Finn prides himself on the appearance of himself and his belongings. He is obsessed with being tidy. In wanting to boast about the tidiness of his prized possession, he shares his book with a child. Huge mistake. Sloppiness defines this child. Page after page, a new disaster unfolds for Finn the frog to fret over and struggle to clean. When nearly all hope is lost, Finn reflects on what other frogs would do in this situation and resolves his issue with a happy ending.

This Book is Perfect! is indeed the perfect storybook for preschool to young school-age children. My granddaughters age 3 and 7 fell in love with Finn the frog and his obsessive-compulsive behavior. They laughed and laughed as Finn’s stress level rose, and he struggled to keep up with the disastrous dilemma he faced. Ron Keres’ tone of writing ebbs and flows perfectly in time with the chaotic scenes unfolding on the pages. Finn’s frantic behavior will keep even the most distracted child entertained throughout the story until the last page. The illustrations are creative and laid out with bright colors and realistic patterns. The images are so vivid that the messiness seems to come off the pages in an almost 3D effect. Fun to read, this storybook will become a cherished addition to any family, daycare, or teacher's library.

This book is perfect

Would to read to my 3year great niece and great nephew .