Time Will Tale

Fiction - Science Fiction
535 Pages
Reviewed on 04/20/2018
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Author Biography

S.C Barrett lives in Georgia with his wife, is a father of four, has way too many cats, and feels kinda weird writing about himself in the third person like this. While wanting to write a tale about time travel, I did not want to write the same old trope we are all used to. I wanted it to be different, unique, with previously unexplored theories and a story line unlike any other and hopefully you will agree I accomplished this. Thank you for your interest in my work and I really do hope you enjoy the story.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Divine Zape for Readers' Favorite

Time Will Tale by S.C. Barrett is a well-crafted story that will appeal to both fans of sci-fi and adventure, a mesmerizing story that explores one man’s journey to master the concept of time, a tale with wonderful settings in the future and in eras of the past. This is one of the stories where time travel is so wonderfully developed alongside intrigue and crime. The story reads so realistically and the reader will feel like they are part of the cast, transported through different periods of history, thanks to the dizzying pacing and the intricacies of the plot.

Quantum physicist Nathan Hawke is obsessed with time and he has spent a lot of energy and invested much in his research, determined to master and manipulate time. At the point when he believes he has made a breakthrough, he finds himself beaten, ruthlessly thrown out of the scientific circle. A distinguished intellectual, he is reduced to teaching physics in high school and wastes his time in front of the TV. Then something happens that raises his hopes. He receives an offer from a mysterious donor who wants to sponsor his work, covering all the costs. His first attempt to test the results of his research takes him back in time, from 2033 to 1862 to a small farm in Georgia. The Civil War is raging and he is forced to remain on this farm for three years, the time needed for the time seam to open again. He falls in love and almost gives in to the temptation of spending the rest of his life in this period, but he can’t resist the urge to become part of history. We follow him in his adventures as he struggles to return to his own time, but little does he know that his work has been stolen and that, in his era, he is wanted for crimes he has committed in another era.

S.C. Barrett establishes himself as a great storyteller in this work that is mesmerizing. I enjoyed the fast pacing, the fully-developed and complex characters, the monumental conflict, and the intricate plot lines. Time Will Tale is masterfully written and it has great potential to enthrall fans of sci-fi. It’s big, exciting, and one that will definitely shake up the genre.

Lit Amri

“His entire life Nathan had dreamt of conquering time. Breaking it like a cowboy would a wild bronco that’d bucked all who tried to ride it before him. Only, now that dream had become reality, he was left wondering who had really broken who.” Time Will Tale by S.C. Barrett is engaging from the start, a gripping exploration of time travel, particularly when the theory is made relevant with ghost sightings. Nathan Hawke is a brilliant quantum physicist, but a certain incident caused his fallout with the scientific community. Teaching high school physics doesn’t diminish his passion for time travel, and when a mysterious benefactor offers him a chance to pursue his dream, Nathan accepts it despite his suspicions.

The protagonist’s backstory and his close relationship with his grandmother made a succinct introduction as Nathan finds himself in The Ford Theater, April 14th, 1865. His mission is to restore the timeline, as it is revealed early on that he already did significant damage and altered history. There are some slow parts as the story progresses, some events that I thought could unfold much faster, but this did not take away too much from my enjoyment. The overall pace of the story is good. Following Nathan’s journey was fascinating. He’s quite capable of conquering the challenges of time traveling, even though some of the challenges are the result of his own doing. The ending promises a sequel to this story. All in all, this is a good read from Barrett.

Ruffina Oserio

Time Will Tale by S.C. Barrett is an intelligently plotted sci-fi story that explores one of the themes that will excite readers: time travel. Nathan Hawke is a respected quantum physicist on a quest to conquer time and master it. When he thinks he has time all figured out, the worst happens to him. He is scorned by the intellectual world, ousted from the scientific community and, derided by all, he finds himself in the classroom teaching physics to high school students.

But things change when mysterious benefactors offer to sponsor his research. He accepts the offer and embarks on an adventure that will take him back to time in 1862 where he is trapped in a farmhouse, falls in love with a beautiful woman, and has to wait for years for the time splice to open for him to return to the future. Follow his story as he drifts from one era to another, manipulated by time, his work stolen in the future, and the FBI hunting him for crimes he has committed in another era. Can he really outwit time, or is he really screwed by it? The setting of this page-turner is in the future, in 2033. The reader is immediately thrust into a world of physics, which is well-researched and seamlessly integrated into the narrative.

The protagonist’s obsession with time forms the basis of the conflict that propels this story forward. The author weaves other themes into the story, including romance, political intrigue, and criminal investigation. I loved the power-packed sentences. Barrett’s economy of language and phraseology make his writing unique and interesting. How can one not smile at expressions like: “Nathan was convinced he finally had time by the throat, but came to find out it had him by the balls instead.” From the setting to the gripping plot to the exquisite writing, Time Will Tale is a great achievement, a story that is as exciting as it is entertaining.

Grant Leishman

Nathan’s entire life he had dreamt of the possibility of time travel. For him, though, this was not some idle fantasy. Considered one of the top five scientific minds in the world, Nathan had the capability to make this happen, but not the resources. In Time Will Tale by S.C. Barrett, Nathan had been ostracised by the scientific community, after a drunken misadventure caught on video, and was now working as a humble physics teacher in a local high school. When he is offered unlimited money and time by an unknown benefactor to produce his dream of a time machine, he is wary but ecstatic to finally have the opportunity to see his lifelong dream fulfilled. Thus begins a fascinating, at times harrowing, journey through time to the period of the American Civil War.

Time Will Tale is a classic time travel story full of the usual conundrums and paradoxes that make time travel so fascinating for authors and readers alike. Nathan, the principal character, is superbly drawn by the author. Despite having a “beautiful mind”, Nathan has all the flaws, uncertainties and self-doubt of us mere mortals, which I found immensely reassuring. The story is clearly the first in a series based around the adventures of Nathan and, as such, sets a wonderful platform for what is undoubtedly yet to come. This is a fast-paced, exciting adventure in a very popular genre, yet it is softened and rounded by Nathan’s self-discovery in the past as he comes to grips with his unusual childhood as a child prodigy, and for the first time in his life begins to understand the meaning of family and love. This is a very good debut novel by Barrett and I am keen to see what the rest of the series has to offer.

Romuald Dzemo

Nathan has always had one dream and it has become the very thing that makes him breathe: to conquer time. Now the quantum physicist is most certain he has succeeded in breaking the laws of time, but he is in for a great shock. Not only does time seem to prevail over him, he is rejected by the world of academia, the very circle where he expects to gain recognition. Now he lives like a pariah, devoting his time to teaching physics in high school… until a mystery donor suddenly shows up and offers to sponsor his project. Follow Nathan as he travels through time from the year 2033 to 1862. Follow his adventures during the American Civil War, and his love experience with a beautiful woman. Trapped on a farm in Georgia, he has to wait for three years to get the chance to travel back to his own time. But will he succeed in arriving in his own era? Time Will Tale by S.C. Barrett combines adventure, political intrigue, and crime to deliver a punch that will keep readers reeling for a very long time.

It is interesting how the author weaves quantum physics into his work, filling it with fascinating notions of time. The characters are awesome and they are well-developed. The twists in the plot will take readers by surprise. I enjoyed the masterful use of humor and irony. It is ironic that while the protagonist thinks he can master time, time is getting the better of him; it is ironic that he is longing to return to an era that has stolen his work and where he is being hunted for crimes he committed in one of his adventures through time. S.C. Barrett’s novel is intelligently plotted and the construction is equally wonderful. Time Will Tale is a mesmerizing read, a powerful piece of entertainment for fans of sci-fi.

Rabia Tanveer

Time Will Tale by S.C. Barrett is the perfect novel for the person who loves time travel stories and enjoys a strong lead who is not afraid to take matters into his own hands. The novel follows Dr. Nathan Hawke, who was once one of the best in quantum physics, but now, in the year 2033, he is shunned by the scientific community. To make meet ends, he is teaching physics in high school during the day and watching '80s TV series at night. However, a mystery donor comes into his life and gives him the funding to continue his project on time travel.

Even though he had his reasons not to trust his donor, he believes that this is the only chance he will be given to complete his project. So he moves forward with it and he actually succeeds and travels all the way back in 1862. The time travel does not go as planned, however, and now he is stuck in the past with no way out until he can find a time splice. Little does he know that he will find the woman that he will love with all his heart, and now that he has found her, he does not want to go back to the future! But it is not up to him. When you mess with time, it has the habit of getting back at you in ways you never thought possible or imaginable. What awaits Nathan in the future? Will he be forced to go back to the future? If he does, can he return to his love?

Boy, is this novel a powerhouse of intense action, great story line and perfect characters or what! I just could not put it down. I agonized with Nathan when he had to leave the 1800s and try to find a way back. He was in such a difficult situation, but he never gave up! I thoroughly enjoyed how S.C. Barrett handled the time travel theme, stayed true to the era, and brought everything to life. He has the gift of storytelling and he just brought it all into this novel! Brilliant! Awesome! Spectacular!

Susan Sewell

A quantum physicist travels through time in the remarkable science fiction novel Time Will Tale by S.C. Barrett. Nathan Hawke has a brilliant mind and, at one time, was a noted physicist with a unique theory on time travel. Unfortunately, due to an impulsive, drunken, and very public assault on one of his colleagues, Nathan became a pariah in his field. The only position Nathan could get after that debacle was a high school science teacher. Due to his lack of enthusiasm and punctuality, Nathan even lost that position. However, he is immediately approached by a stranger who offers Nathan unlimited financial backing to prove his theory on time travel and construct his time manipulating device. Although Nathan is skeptical about the man's motives, he takes up the offer and eventually accomplishes the unthinkable. However, when he is doing his test run, something unexpected happens, and Nathan becomes stuck a hundred and thirty-five years in the past. How will he get back to his own timeline?

Time Will Tale by S.C. Barrett is a spellbinding science fiction novel that captures the reader's imagination with its descriptive and dramatic settings and exciting story line. The odyssey begins at the end of the Civil War era and journeys back to the age of the dinosaurs and prehistoric man. It is an exciting book with fascinating characters and riveting scenes. The author takes his time developing each era, making it stimulating and real. This is a fantastic science fiction novel that will delight and enchant time travel aficionados and anyone who loves to view history in a fictitious setting. The story finishes on a thrilling cliffhanger with many loose ends, leaving it wide open and the reader anxiously awaiting the sequel.

Samantha Coville

Nathan Hawke is a quantum physicist in the year 2033. But he and his ideas are outcasts from the scientific world. So after being forced to lower himself to teaching high school, he eagerly takes a mysterious investor up on the offer to continue the work that put him in his unfortunate situation. What Nathan Hawke doesn't expect is that his experiment will go right...and leave him trapped in the year 1862. The setting? A Georgia farm, where he is trapped in the Civil War. And this is only the beginning. Hawke will find himself jumping from era to era, upsetting history, and trying desperately to save a woman he has somehow fallen in love with. All while his life and work are being threatened in his own time. S.C. Barrett's Time Will Tale is one crazy time traveling ride and there are bound to be a few surprises along the way.

Wow! That's probably the best word to go with here. There is so much packed into this book, but somehow you find you don't mind the long page count. S.C. Barrett has taken the time traveling genre and really brought new life to it. The theories behind time travel are unique from other books with similar themes (I won't spoil it for you) and the time hopping adds nice story telling opportunities. The book cover for Time Will Tale is a bit crazy, but it fits the story itself perfectly. This is supposed to be the first book in a series and I can't wait to see where the author goes from here. There is so much good potential for the direction of the next book, but, for now, I highly recommend savoring this first installment!

Patricia Bell

Time Will Tale by S.C. Barrett is a fictional account of a quantum physicist named Nathan Hawke and his quest to find the connection between ghosts and time travel. Having been excommunicated from the science community for his antics, as well as losing his physics class at the local high school for not being able to get out of bed on time, Nathan jumps at the chance when he gets an offer to fund his research. He’s not sure about the motives of his mysterious contributor, but with the bills racking up and no job to pay them, he finds himself going along. Besides, it’s been his life mission to travel through time. When he makes a breakthrough, and finds himself in the late eighteen-hundreds with no way home…the wild ride begins. Meanwhile, back at home, an old friend has gotten hold of his work and is desperately trying to replicate it.

S.C. Barrett took me on a hilariously suspenseful ride as Nate Hawke goes back in time, only to find himself stuck there. His actions end up changing the course of history in a big way and he finds himself having to do things he never imagined. Time Will Tale is an action-packed story that kept me in complete hysterics. Growing up in the eighties, I could easily appreciate his references to classic music and movies that shaped my own world. This is the first book in a series. The end left me in limbo, wondering what in the world will happen next! Will Nate save his love? Where will he end up next? Can’t wait to find out what happens next in this incredible journey through time.

Sefina Hawke

Time Will Tale by S.C. Barrett is a science fiction fantasy novel that would appeal most to a mixed audience of mature young adults and adults who enjoy stories about time travel, and who do not mind some strong language, violence, and sexual scenes at the R-rated level. In 2033, Dr. Nathan Hawke was considered a leading mind in quantum theory, until he was exiled from the scientific community; Nathan found himself facing a life of boredom teaching high school physics. That all changed when he was approached about a time travel research opportunity, one that quickly led Nathan to traveling back in time to 1862 and becoming trapped there for three years. During those years, Nathan finds love, disrupts time, and realizes that his actions in the past could have profound consequences throughout time. Determined to fix his mistakes, Nathan ends up time traveling, trying to keep history intact, and finding out the truth behind his benefactors. Will Nathan manage to save the woman he loves and fix time, or will he go insane in the attempt?

Move over Doctor Who and make room for Nathan Hawke in Time Will Tale by S.C. Barrett! I personally found this book even more enjoyable than the Doctor Who series because Nathan’s inexperience with traveling through time allowed me to learn the ins and outs of time travel right alongside him. I enjoyed the way that the author kept each of the time periods realistic without making the time jumps boring or too historically based. I found Nathan an easy character to like because he had a high level of determination and intelligence. I particularly liked the warnings he got from himself and I enjoyed trying to puzzle out the truth behind them. The author really found the perfect balance between reality and fantasy in this wonderfully written time travel novel that left me hoping for a sequel!

Liz Konkel

Time Will Tale by S.C. Barrett is an exciting adventure through history. Nathan Hawke has always dreamed of conquering time. He just never expected his time travel adventure to go like this. He used to be a respected and brilliant prodigy, now he's a high school teacher. When a mysterious stranger offers him a chance to prove himself again, he jumps at it. In a search to prove a theory about ghosts, Nathan wakes up in the 1800s and he should be thrilled, except he has no idea how to get back. As he bonds with a family that takes him in, he finds the last thing he expected: a home. His new life is in jeopardy when he discovers that a thief whose life he spared has killed an actor by the name of Booth. Knowing that Lincoln's assassination is fast approaching, he has to make a choice: to save the future and risk the life he's built to fix his mistake, or keep all that he has and let the future change.

A fun adventure in the past, Time Will Tale is an exciting read that's full of action, romance, mistakes and, most of all, a unique take on history. Nathan has a fascinating connection to history from the beginning, going further than just his need to discover time travel. He has a theory that ghosts are actually people from the past appearing in a moment of their time, he listens to classical music, watches shows from the 1980s, and even uses a bunch of dated (at least at this point in the future) pop culture references. So when he ends up back in the 1800s, he ends up finding his ideal life and a place where he truly belongs, with friends, love, and a home. After living his life obsessing over the past, he ends up finding his own version of paradise. Time travel comes with a price and any little change can result in side effects that could be costly. S.C. Barrett makes this clear with a set of time travel rules - ones that are often broken by Nathan, but ones that Barrett explores in depth in an intriguing fashion. The humor is top notch, often using a lot of today's references in a delightful manner such as when Nathan's friend mixes up Mulder and Scully with Sam and Dean. Full of charm, Time Will Tale is perfect for those that love science fiction and history!

K.J. Simmill

The idea of time being sentient had never occurred to Nathan. All he had wanted to do was conquer it and bend it to his whim. He had been an expert in this field, highly qualified, respected; he had even been on the cover of Time magazine, twice. Then came a fateful day when it all went wrong, a little too much to drink and his actions saw him blacklisted from all jobs in the field, a permanent blemish upon his career - he would be lucky to get a job cleaning a college's toilets, let alone be allowed to lecture in one. But he did manage to get a post teaching in a high school and he kept it, for a while. Then, one day, a mysterious benefactor arrived, promising Nathan his dream; funding, resources, all with no strings attached. All he had to do was work towards his dream. This mysterious figure claimed to want nothing in return but his success. However, his success alone is reason enough. Follow a gripping journey through time in S.C. Barrett's Time Will Tale.

I really enjoyed the theory on ghosts, one of the principal guiding points on Nathan's journey, a theory which is not only intelligent but sounds credible. As a protagonist I thought Nathan was an interesting character; it was certainly fun to follow him, flaws and all. The book is a plethora of action, romance, adventure, intrigue, and discovery - all combined with a healthy serving of humour. When I first started reading Time Will Tale, I was put in mind of Quantum Leap, the thought of his actions seeing the Lincoln assassination becoming possible, and the need to repair the future put me in mind of the Kennedy episode, as did the thought of him leaping through time trying to fix his mistakes. S.C. Barrett's 's Time will Tale is engrossing, with a plot that is easy to become invested in.

Kathryn Bennett

Time Will Tale by S.C. Barrett takes the reader into the world of quantum physicist Nathan Hawke who broke the laws of time. What he didn't expect when he did this was that time would take the breaking of its laws personally. Follow this story as it navigates the twists and turns of love, drama, suspense and the challenges one man faces in life. In 2033, Nathan Hawke finds his good name in tatters and he is disgraced in the community he loves. He now must make his living teaching high school students. When an unknown donor funds his research, life gets interesting and he breaks the laws of time. Nathan finds himself trapped on a small farm during the American Civil War and he finds the one thing he didn't expect to find in the past; love. But what will time have to say about this?

As an avid Whovian and history lover, I was looking forward to reading this book. It is a really fun story and takes the reader on an incredible adventure. I didn't connect with Nathan Hawke right away, but once we really got into things and he found himself in Georgia in the 1800s, I found a connection. This is a really fast paced story and it will make you ponder, so don't think you can just skim along on this read. If you try and read it that way you will miss important information like how Nathan is wanted in his own time for things done in the past and so on. Or how the timeline changes because he finds love and wants to live his life in the past. Time is a fickle thing and it does NOT like to be messed with, as this story clearly outlines. If you want a book that will hold your attention and make you think about how what we do can have consequences far beyond our own immediate moments, this is the read for you. S.C. Barrett has hit on something with this formula and I look forward to reading more of this author's work in the future. I may have to break the rules of time to get there.

Scott Cahan

Time Will Tale by S.C. Barrett is a fun, imaginative time travel story. It centers around a down-on-his-luck genius scientist named Nathan Hawke. A mysterious investor funds his plan for a time travel device and the rest is history, literally. He ends up stuck in the past where he makes a valiant effort to keep to himself so as not to interfere with the course of history. However, history has a way of pulling Nathan into it, and it’s not too long before he’s fallen in love and done a few other things that have major consequences for the future. Our hero, Nathan, is a colorful character who lives for classic rock music, sex, drugs, and science; in that order. Although this is not a comedy, there are lots of humorous moments throughout as a result of Nathan’s carefree attitude toward life.

As far as time travel novels go, Time Will Tale is one of the best I’ve ever read. It includes some very clever scenes depicting what it would be like for someone from the 21st century to interact with people from other centuries where almost everything in the culture is different. As our hero got deeper into time periods where he didn’t belong, I found it entertaining to watch him try to outmaneuver time, but always end up at time’s mercy. Time Will Tale is a first class sci-fi novel about time travel. Its plot is creative and well thought out and includes a sweet love story that infuses the story with lots of heart and soul. It's a good beginning to what is potentially a great series.

Christian Sia

In Time Will Tale by S.C. Barrett, quantum physicist Nathan Hawke is determined to conquer the laws of time, to trump it, to have ultimate control of it. He couldn’t be more wrong, because the moment he thinks he has discovered the secrets to manipulating time, he finds himself in deep trouble. First, he is disowned by the intelligentsia and the fellowship of scientists and, now despised, he finds himself living a mundane life as a physics teacher in a high school. But then a miracle happens and a sponsor offers to support his research, covering the costs of everything. Can he prove that time can be conquered? His first attempt to put his findings to the test transports him into another era where he is trapped, falls in love, and has to wait for many years to find the window to go back to his own time, but will he succeed? Follow him in his adventures, in the narrow escapes from grave dangers, in the passions, and in his ultimate quest to become the master of time.

A well-written story that combines elements of sci-fi with suspense to grip the imaginations of readers, this is a page-turner. I have read books about time and time travel, but none has caught my attention as much as Time Will Tale. There are numerous surprises for the reader and turns they won’t see coming. What does it feel like to want to return to a time where one is being hunted for crimes committed in another time? I loved the author’s handling of conflict. Nathan Hawke is a character that readers will sympathize with, a man driven by his passion for science. I felt the heartbreak when his peers steal his work in his own time while he is lost in another century, struggling to figure out the caprices of time. If you’re a fan of sci-fi and time travel tales, don't miss this book. Intelligently plotted and masterfully crafted, it’s spellbinding.

Mamta Madhavan

Time Will Tale by S.C. Barrett is a tale woven with adventure, sci-fi, drama, intrigue, suspense, and mystery and will take readers into the world of Nathan Hawke and quantum physics. The protagonist tries to conquer the concept of Time and realizes it is far more complicated than it appears. The story then moves to 2033 where Nathan Hawke is teaching physics in high school and watches TV shows at night with his cat. A mysterious donor, who offers to fund his research, encourages him to continue working on his unique time travel theory that involves the appearance of ghosts. Though they assure him that they have no nefarious motives, Nathan is a bit suspicious but goes ahead with the project. Will he be able to accomplish his lifelong goal of breaking the time barrier?

The plot has many layers and is well crafted. It takes readers to different eras, both past and present, along with Nathan. It is a story that will fascinate and hold the attention of all those readers who love adventure, sci-fi, mystery, and above all time travel. The moving to different phases of history gives the story a good pace and movement and there is never a dull moment while reading this book. The twists and turns, the world of physics, the surprises, conflicts, and the strong characters make it a memorable story. I like the way the author has handled the concept of time travel along with adventure, mystery, and the sci-fi theme. It is not the usual style time travel story and that makes the book unique and refreshingly original. The open ending leaves readers waiting eagerly for Book 2 and I cannot wait to read it to find out where readers will be taken from here.

Anne-Marie Reynolds

Time Will Tale by S.C. Barrett is an epic sci-fi adventure set in the year 2033. Dr. Nathan Hawke used to be one of the leading quantum physicists, but has been ostracized from the scientific community. He has a theory about time travel, a unique idea that involves ghosts, and when a mysterious donor offers to fund his research he can’t turn them down. Although he is suspicious of the offer, this is a 'last chance saloon' for Hawke, but things don’t go as he planned. Instead, Hawke finds himself transported to Georgia in 1862, to the Civil War, and he can’t get out for 3 years. It doesn’t take him long to adapt to a new way of life and, finding love and happiness, he decides that this is where he wants to live. Things never go according to plan though and Hawke is in for a bumpy ride as he gets thrown from one era to another by the time splice. Can he save the woman he fell in love with? Can he save his work from being used for the wrong thing, back in his old life in the future?

Time Will Tale by S.C. Barrett is a truly action-packed adventure story. The main protagonist, Nathan Hawke, seems to be leading an incredibly exciting life, traveling through time from one era to another and it is a very creative story. It is also somewhat unique in the sense that, although time travel stories are nothing new, this seems to have elements that haven’t been thought of before and is more adventure and less science fiction. It is an exciting read with a fully developed plot and very well-developed characters that grow on you throughout the story. It will suit science fiction fans and also those who want to get embroiled in a roller coaster adventure that is set to continue in a second book.

Cheryl E. Rodriguez

S.C. Barrett portrays a romantic story without boundaries in Time Will Tale. Nathan Hawke dreams of conquering time. As a brilliant prodigy, a genius level quantum physicist, he desires to cross the threshold of time. Beyond his supreme intelligence, Nathan longs for a life and genuine purpose. He believes deep inside that he belongs in another time, another place. Funded by an unknown benefactor, Nathan’s dream becomes a reality. Fate is kind, or is it really unkind? Entering into the past, his time travel was meant to be a quick trip to gather data and return without changing the timeline. Yet, the mysterious ‘weeping woman’ changes everything. She was not part of his plan. The timeline has been altered; now Nathan is forced to right the wrong... "With great power comes great responsibility.” It isn’t easy being a genius.

Time Will Tale by S.C. Barrett is extremely engaging, a romance for all time. The narrative is fast-paced, a real page-turner. The plot defies time; however, Barrett introduces and develops his characters with precision. Although her character was only briefly heard and seen, the insightful words of the grandmother echo behind the scenes from beginning to end. The science is intelligently written, yet easy to understand. As with all science fiction, some ideas were a bit far-fetched, but very entertaining nonetheless. The plot of time travel is not a new story line; however, Barrett weaves a few interesting and, at times, humorous twists into his story. The influence of music throughout the text often brought a smile. The playlist adds an element of irony and wit to the plot action. The ongoing conflict of man versus fate is reflected through each struggle the protagonist suffers. He becomes a victim of his choices, held captive by time. The conclusion of Time Will Tale leaves you hanging, suspended in time, wondering if love will endure. “The end of this story of ours hasn’t been written” yet.

Alyssa Elmore

Twenty-something-year-old Nathan Hawke is a brilliant, albeit socially awkward young quantum physicist with an embarrassing past that has forced him into the role of a high school science teacher. When his careless, snarky attitude renders him jobless, Nathan must rethink his past choices and evaluate his life. When a surprise visitor approaches Nathan, offering him anything and everything he might need to create a time machine, he isn't sure if he is dreaming, or the visitor is pranking him. Nathan explains that he'll need more than just a few million dollars to get started; he will need some specialized equipment that is hard to access and will take an inordinate amount of time and money to acquire. His new friend waves aside any concerns; he'll provide anything Nathan might need, no strings attached. Nathan laughs at the man's offer, skeptical. It sounds too good to be true. A few weeks later, a large sum of money is deposited into his bank account, and there is a knock at the door. The visitor is back and with him is the unattainable piece of equipment. Against Nathan's initial misgivings, he agrees to the man's offer and dives into his time-splice research. Beginning with researching ghost hauntings, Nathan looks for anomalies that could allow time travel. When an accident sends him into the past, Nathan finds himself stranded. With no way to get help, Nathan must wait for the next time-splice to happen - in three years. What could go wrong?

Time Will Tale by S.C. Barrett is the first book in this exciting, action-filled science fiction series. With a great plot and memorable characters, readers will see how the young time traveling physicist experiences the dire effects of changing the course of history. When Nathan meets the woman of his dreams, he succumbs to her charms. He knows that as she is from a different time, complications can arise, but he doesn't care. Suddenly not so anxious to go back to his own time, Nathan chooses love and happiness over common sense and logic. When Nathan accidentally interferes with the future/past, things go horribly wrong. Nathan is forced to mend his mistakes; only, in the process, he creates more grief and complications. Experiencing sudden loss, Nathan vows to find a way to correct the past, no matter what the cost. But, first, he must find his way back to the present. This fascinating book will thrill and intrigue fans of time travel and quantum physics. I very much enjoyed this well written book and look forward to the next in this series.

Kimberlee J Benart

Time Will Tale by S.C. Barrett is the first book in a time travel science fiction series featuring quantum physicist, Dr. Nathan Hawke. A prodigy who had a lonely childhood, he’s a complex and quirky character who surrounds himself with childish games, home décor, and clothing. Blacklisted for unprofessional (childish) behavior, he can’t work in his career field. Fired from a job as a high school science teacher due to his irresponsibility, he finds himself unemployed and without an income. When a stranger offers him millions to pursue his quest to discover ghosts and the rifts in time he hopes they represent, and to develop a time travel device, Nathan accepts and the adventures begin.

You can’t go back in time and mess with history without there being consequences to the future. In Time Will Tale, brilliant Nathan Hawke understands the logic of that better than anyone. But, he’s about to learn how hard it is to be a dispassionate scientific observer of the past if the love and life that you face in another time have brought you greater happiness than you knew in your own. Suspense abounds as Nathan wonders if he can trust an old friend who is acting suspiciously, and what his benefactor intends to do when his travel device is functional. In a wonderfully crafted, fast-moving, and increasingly complex plot, matched by a surprise-around-each-bend narrative, Barrett engages and entertains the reader as he explores the emotions and moral issues of time travel. I’m eager to see what Nathan faces next.

Lex Allen

Could time be a living entity? After breaking the laws of time and enduring the twists, quirks and danger time threw his way, quantum physicist Nathan Hawke would argue that, indeed, time had taken his intrusion personally. As one tragedy, dilemma, and adventure follows another, Nathan escapes from one historical era to another, hoping to find the time splice that would take him back to his original destination (1862), reset the timeline, correct his mistakes, and save the woman he loves. The story line doesn’t end there. There’s also a mysterious doppelgänger that appears to offer unexpected warnings and advice; and the FBI is hot on his trail for crimes he may have committed in the distant past.

Time Will Tale by S.C. Barrett is among the best time travel stories I’ve ever read and I’ve read more than a few. Intricately detailed plot lines intertwine to combine three plot lines into one that kept me trying to second guess and missing every time. As soon as I thought I had it all figured out, Barrett threw another curve into the story that took me back to square one and launched me in a different direction. I loved that. Verisimilitude is a big part of what makes a story entertaining and it’s the magnet that keeps a reader involved and believing even the most outrageous concepts. From the concepts of quantum physics to the characters and historical settings, Time Will Tale is a story full of this all-important sense of reality. Fascinating, intriguing, entertaining, and suspenseful are words easily attributed to this novel and it earns my highest recommendation.

Jane Finch

Once a renowned quantum physicist, Nathan Hawke finds himself ostracized by the scientific world and working as a high school physics teacher, until he is fired for his tardy attendance and dress. Life seems hopeless until a stranger offers to fund his research and suddenly money is no object. After long deliberation, he decides to take the opportunity, and suddenly finds himself able to experiment with his lifelong goal of time travel. Nathan finds himself trapped in the past, falls in love, and considers living out his days in his new life, until he realises that his very presence changes the time line, and he needs to make things right. His adventures continue through different time portals, and further complications arise when he finds that a man he had considered his friend is trying to steal his work for his own gain.

Time Will Tale by S.C. Barrett follows the fortunes of Nathan Hawke, a brilliant academic whose life is spiralling downward at an alarming pace. What an adventure this book is! Lovers of time travel will find it enthralling from start to finish. Not least is the author’s interesting theory of some ghosts being involved in the time travel concept, which really gets the reader thinking. Well written, with great characters, this exciting story is extremely visual and could very well find its way onto the big screen. The author, S.C. Barrett, has really crafted a well-structured and credible idea that could run and run. A very enjoyable reading experience.


I really enjoyed the story. I thought the plot was great. A story you like to see unfold as you read. Leaves me wandering with there be another?