Winning Horsemanship

A Judge's Secrets And Tips For Your Success

Non-Fiction - Animals
190 Pages
Reviewed on 08/05/2017
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Author Biography

I grew up in Queensland, Australia, the eldest of three children and the only one besotted with horses. We were blessed with amazing parents and my childhood was full of adventure. I graduated from university with an Honours Degree in Russian and spent 31 years in the public service before reinventing myself as a businesswoman and author.

My earliest ambition was to be a circus bareback rider. Although that has yet to happen, I did persuade my parents to buy me a pony by the age of nine. That was the beginning of the evolution of my ideas and philosophy about how horses and humans interact.

Other life highlights included founding and running the Highborn Warmblood Stud for 16 years, breeding an elite stallion, twice representing Australia in the sport of Powerlifting and receiving Honorary Life membership from the Australian Warmblood Horse Association (AWHA).

Today, in my travels around the country as a judge and classifier, I see some fine horsemanship. And I empathise with those who love their horses and have beautiful dreams, but who lack the knowledge to keep them safe, let alone achieve the success they desire!

Building a fulfilling relationship with a horse is something I believe every horse lover can pursue and attain. My mission is to engage with people on the path that I have already navigated. I love sharing my wisdom with those who have passion, yet do not know how to progress. "Winning Horsemanship" is the book your horse wants you to read!

    Book Review

Reviewed by Ruffina Oserio for Readers' Favorite

Winning Horsemanship: A Judge's Secrets and Tips for Your Success by Joanne Verikios is a book for horse riders, a brilliant book that combines the author’s experience as a riding champion and judge with smart writing to offer invaluable lessons to readers on how to go past being mere amateur riders to becoming experts, creating an enjoyable and fulfilling experience that drives success. Joanne Verikios’ book will help readers understand and harness the techniques that can make them one with their horses, learn the secrets that expert trainers and riders use to win in the arena, understand the mistakes that can be costly, and learn how to use confidence and how to transmit it to their horses. In this slim but engaging book, the reader will learn how to prepare their horse for a competition, how to be ready for great performance, and a lot more.

I have never ridden a horse for a competition and although I am fascinated with horses, I have had only few occasions to ride one and the experience was an exciting one. This book is written for professional horse riders, but anyone will find it interesting. The author’s voice conveys a lot of confidence and the reader has no doubt that she is an expert in the field. I enjoyed the fact that most of the advice shared in this book derives from the author’s experience and it becomes even more compelling because the author herself has been a horse riding champion and judge. Winning Horsemanship: A Judge's Secrets and Tips for Your Success is written in a conversational, accessible, and engaging style that will appeal to a wide audience. This book will help any reader understand their horse, connect more intimately with it, and achieve great success within the arena and outside. I learned a lot about horses and the art of riding one.