Young Adult - Fantasy - Epic
477 Pages
Reviewed on 08/16/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Sarah Scheele for Readers' Favorite

Zanthia by Nicklous Adams II is an excellent epic fantasy tale for young adults. In the land of Zanthia, two boys and a girl are forced to go on the run when their city is destroyed by the monstrous Krazul. Micah, of the Levithian people, and Tristan, of the Wynsorian people, have a rare friendship in a world in which their races have been bitterly fighting for centuries. Along with the girl, Saphyre, from the peace-making Xiana, Micah and Tristan are plunged into a dangerous adventure. The leader of the Krazul, Nero, seeks to dominate all life and these three friends are the fulfillment of a prophecy to stop him. Along with a mysterious warrior-woman from the Aviya--the first race of Zanthia--the three friends prepare for their destiny.

Nicklous Adams II spins a lovely, sensory tale. The lands and peoples of Zanthia take hold like a gentle vine twining around your senses and leave you hungry for the next installment. Each human race was created from a mythological creature--Levithians from the dragons, Wynsorians from the gryphons, and Xiana from the phoenix--and the architecture and landscapes stemming from each culture’s affiliation are detailed, presenting lush variety and contrast. The mythology of the world is structured and logical, the journeys of the heroes progress in natural, sympathetic arcs, and the tension of human interactions (especially Micah’s complex romantic feelings for his Aviya instructor) lend an emotional depth that makes this more than just another fantasy novel. Don’t hesitate to get this one--you’ll be glad you did.