One Other Love

The Lindell High School Series Book 3
By Claire Nance

Call Dee a people pleaser or Miss Goody Two Shoes, and you wouldn’t be wrong. But that’s by the way. Jack, her nephew, locked her up in a chest when she was little, making her suffer from anxiety. And after she had a car accident,...

One Harvest Knight

Grace Kitchen Book 3
By Delia Latham

One Harvest Knight by Delia Latham is another inspiring and touching story that will provoke both thought and action. Shell Prentiss has settled in Harvest, Tennessee and owns a florist shop/boutique in Harvest Square. She donates her time and her talents at Grace Kitchen, a...


Ask Me Anything, not Love
By Mian Mohsin Zia

"Once: Ask Me Anything, not Love" is not your traditional love story. It is written as if these two special souls were on a collision course with destiny. I could not put this one down as you feel every emotion with Maya and Morkel....

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Ozark Weddings

The Hills Are Alive with the Ring of Romance
By Anita Higman & Janice Thompson

In this book, "Ozark Weddings", you get three amazing stories written by two veteran romance writers, Anita Higman and Janice Thompson. The authors do an amazing job of describing each of the main characters. In 'Larkspur Dreams' you meet the very charming Lark who has never...

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