The Disposable Noble Wife

By Beth Durkee

"The Disposable Noble Wife" is a mixture of fact and fiction. The plot will tug at the reader's heartstrings. Our world is filled with infidelity and broken homes and the children are the ones that pay the price. The author suffered humility and heartbreak. As marriage...

Readers’ Favorite Award Winner

Award Winner

Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball

By Donita K. Paul

I so enjoy Christmas reads! To me this is the perfect time of year to read all the Christmas books before the Christmas season gets too busy and the special time is gone before I've read a single book! Donita K. Paul is...

The Gunsmiths Gallantry

Ladies Shooting Club
By Susan Page Davis

Feisty, lovable, and sometimes downright aggravating describe the ladies of the Shooting Club! But watch out as you'll be hooked from page one of this story. I loved book 1, 'The Sheriff's Surrender,' in this series. But this second book, 'The Gunsmith's Gallantry,' is,...

The Ball’s In Her Court

By Heather Justesen

She appeared to have it all a job she loved, friends that love her, and better than good basketball skills. She spent her spare time assisting adult adoptees find their birth families. When Denise saw a woman led away in handcuffs and two little girls taken...

Texas Legacy Omnibus

Leather and Lace/Lanterns and Lace/Lightning and Lace
By DiAnn Mills

The three stories in this book are all connected through the Andrews family. The setting is Kahlerville, Texas. These tales of the old west are filled with romance and faith-filled women. Each story stands well alone, but put together is even better. Leather and Lace This is...

The Renovation

Carter Mansion
By Terri Kraus

Ethan Willis, a restorer of old homes and a perfectionist, takes pride in his work, but his latest job on the old Carter Mansion is beginning to be a big headache. CeCe Carter seldom agrees with him. His life has not been the same since...