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The Glorious Beyond

By Sandy Denise Adams

The Glorious Beyond is a psychological murder mystery written by Sandy Denise Adams. In just three more days, Kevin and Kim would have been celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary. They were poised on the brink of a new adventure as well. They were moving to...

The Diamond Escape

By Sheila Bitts

The Diamond Escape by Sheila Bitts opens in 2012 at a diamond mine in South Africa, where Frederick Falloy was working as a reporter. Two years later, Frederick is working as a private detective on a case for stolen Cacaw Diamonds. The case takes a...

Trail of Defects

Cold Springs Mystery
By Sara Caudell

When Kelly O’Conner is robbed at gunpoint after his lounge has closed for the night, strange happenings in the small town of Cold Springs, Colorado have just begun. Sheriff Jim Hobson and his deputies are also called in to solve other puzzling events. There is...

Shoe Fetish 1

A Woman's Love for Her Shoes & Her Men
By Sharon Bennett & Beatrice Moore

Shoe Fetish 1: A Woman's Love for Her Shoes & Her Men by Sharon Bennett and Beatrice Moore is an urban fiction novel that combines romance, murder, and high heels to bring great delights to readers. Set against a beautiful San Antonio in the 1970s,...

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Murder Without Pity

By Steve Haberman

Murder Without Pity by Steve Haberman takes us to the Paris of today, a city struggling to come to terms, like many European cities, with its multi-ethnic and multi-cultural melting pot. There is a strong populist movement of the Far Right gaining notoriety and ascendancy...

Death By Design

A Josiah Reynolds Mystery
By Abigail Keam

Death by Design by Abigail Keam is the ninth book in the Josiah Reynolds Mysteries series. As Josiah Reynolds continues to recover, she expects an easy trip in New York City, until she hears her name called out on the street. Enter Bunny Witt, who...

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The Tell-Tale Treasure

By Diane Sawyer

The Tell-Tale Treasure is a thriller that will keep you involved from the exciting first page until the very spectacular conclusion. Ivy Chen is a kidnap victim that has only her erhu (a type of fiddle) musical instrument to give her peace. Rosie Renard is...

Rip Tides

Lei Crime #9
By Toby Neal

Rip Tides is the ninth Lei Crime novel by Toby Neal. In the continuing saga of Detective Lei Texeira, the body of surfing champion Makoa Simmons washes ashore, and it is Lei’s job to investigate his murder. Meanwhile, her husband, Michael Stevens, struggles to overcome...

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Passport to Murder

By Mary Angela

Passport to Murder: A Professor Prather Mystery, Book 2 is a murder mystery novel written by Mary Angela. This was it. Emmeline’s long-awaited trip to France, which would hopefully spur the university to finally set up an official French Department, was just a day away....

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For No Apparent Reason

By S.K. Derban

For No Apparent Reason by SK Derban is a murder mystery. Madison is focused on her life as a law student, with no time for frivolous things like romance. Every stage of her life has been planned to precision and she has made peace with...

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