Fiction - New Adult

Twisted Magic

Gallows World, Book 1
By Sharon Stevenson

Twisted Magic: Gallows World, Book 1 is a paranormal romance novel written by Sharon Stevenson. Liv woke up disoriented, cold and trembling. When she reached within for her magic, she found only its absence, and that made her remember the sentence the Trackers Council had...

Sweet Water

Birds of a Feather Book 2
By Lena North

Sweet Water by Lena North is book two in the Birds of a Feather series, a romance that is masterfully crafted for young readers, with memorable and realistic characters. Doctor and engineer Jiminella “Jinx” Sweetwater is a self-made woman, a character who has survived on...

Love, Life, and Logic

A Literary Fiction
By Uday Mukerji

“School, career, and family: maybe they’re all as important in life as breathing. But isn’t living more than breathing in and out?” Love, Life, and Logic: A Literary Fiction by Uday Mukerji is a young man’s odyssey to uncover the meaning of life, a story...

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Award Winner

Run To You

By Lynne King

Run to You by Lynne King is a breathless thriller that is as absorbing as it is entertaining. Yes, it is the quintessence of a real thriller. Moving to Manhattan from London has seemed the best way for Liz to leave her past behind. Just...

Engaged in Danger

Jamie Quinn Cozy Mystery Book 4
By Barbara Venkataraman

Engaged In Danger (A Jamie Quinn Mystery) by Barbara Venkataraman is an exciting sleuth mystery novel set in eastern Florida. Jamie Quinn practices family law in her hometown of Hollywood, Florida. Being a one-woman office handling cases for middle-class domestic issues, Jamie is surprised when...


A Jessica James Mystery
By Kelly Oliver

Young female medical students are victims of sinister and aberrant crimes with an unnatural aspect in the sleuth mystery novel, F. O. X. (A Jessica James Mystery) by Kelly Oliver. Who is behind them? What is their agenda? Psychology student Jessica wakes up behind a...

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Slouch Witch

The Lazy Girl's Guide To Magic Book 1
By Helen Harper

Slouch Witch by Helen Harper is book one of The Lazy Girl's Guide to Magic series. Ivy Wilde prefers lounging on her sofa to doing anything strenuous; add a warm cup of tea and her grouchy feline familiar and it's her ideal perfect day. Too...

The Franklin Project

A New Story with an Old Friend
By Ben DeSantis

Ethan Pope is surprised when his lifelong postman from Yonkers ends up as the postman for his new home in West Chester. Things become even stranger, though, when Ethan wins the United States Postal Service contest, Priority for Life, and he discovers part of his...

Dear Stephanie

By Mandi Castle

Dear Stephanie by Mandi Castle is one of the most gorgeous books I have read this year, a story of Paige Preston, a woman who has everything anyone would want, and a life of opulence and luxury. But then she isn’t the happy woman that...

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Award Winner

A Kiss Upon A Star

A Daydreams & Dragonflies Sweet Romance, Book 1
By Tamara Ferguson

A Kiss Upon A Star is the first book in the Daydreams & Dragonflies Sweet Romance series, written by Tamara Ferguson. Ten-year-old Emily Richardson had recently been crowned The Next American Star, when her mother and aunt begin their screaming match in Crystal Rock. Taking...

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