Fiction - New Adult


Book 4
By Jennifer Gibson

Hope: Book 4 is a young adult coming of age novel written by Jennifer Gibson. Jessie’s life was poised on the brink of big changes. She had been accepted at Sheridan College, whose illustration program was both challenging and world-renowned, but Jessie was used to...


By Shari Nichols

Haunted is a paranormal romance novel written by Shari Nichols. Karly was not in the market for a new romance. She was still recovering from her breakup with Chad, who had been unfaithful to her, and the store she and her sister, Sophie, had opened...


Volume 1
By Naomi Laeuchli

Holly(Woods) Volume 1 by Naomi Laeuchli sounded interesting enough to give it a read. The synopsis was brief but was still able to pull me in, lured by the world of celebrities and what might happen behind the scenes. Holly is our main character,...

Heir of Zion

By Brittany Nicole Lewis

In Heir of Zion, Michael has been left behind in Zion by his family. Although he has the help and support of David’s parents, Michael feels lost and alone. He struggles with missing his family and not understanding why they left in the first place....

Harbor in the Storm

The Greek Isles Series Book 6
By Angel Sefer

Harbor in the Storm: The Greek Isles Series, Book 6 is a romantic suspense novel written by Angel Sefer. While this is book 6 in her series, each of Sefer’s Greek Isles books is written as a standalone story that takes place on one of...

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By Sarah Delena White

On every Equinox and solstice night in the Kyure realm, the fae and mortal worlds come together. With the help of Sylvie Imanthiya, Taylan the Fae King strives to hold the peace during the celebration. However, Casimir and his alchemists have other plans. When Taylan...

Hotel Hookup

By Annabelle Snow

There are a few things all bridesmaids are guaranteed; a generally unflattering dress so the bride shines, watching her friend morph into Bridezilla, and an obnoxious if gorgeous escort down the aisle. For Amaree Lowell, we can scratch obnoxious because the gorgeous escort is her...

Hart Broken

A Wounded Hero Romance
By Annie Arcane

Mickey rarely drinks, but when she does, there is no telling what will happen. Although beholden to strict self-inflicted dating rules, sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do in order to mentally and emotionally block the curve balls life throws....