Fiction - New Adult

Last Exit to Montauk

By Phillip Vega

Last Exit to Montauk by Phillip Vega is a mixture of coming-of-age and romance with a strong setting and memorable characters; it is the story that will remind readers of their first love and it is wonderfully told. With a newly bought car from his...

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Looking Glass Friends

A Novel Inspired by Real Love Letters
By E. L. Neve

Looking Glass Friends: A Novel Inspired by Real Love Letters by E.L. Neve is the story of Ellie and Neil who fell in love with one another over email. They started off very simply talking about the novel Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. The question...

Life Sliding

By S. L. Mauldin

Life Sliding is a young adult coming of age novel written by S.L. Mauldin. Though he had indeed handcrafted the persona that made him the kid everyone wanted to emulate, even Gavin Bailey found the yearbook title, “The Most Looked Up To,” somewhat tedious and...

Love, Life, and Logic

A Literary Fiction
By Uday Mukerji

“School, career, and family: maybe they’re all as important in life as breathing. But isn’t living more than breathing in and out?” Love, Life, and Logic: A Literary Fiction by Uday Mukerji is a young man’s odyssey to uncover the meaning of life, a story...

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Listening for Drums

By Robin Strachan

Listening for Drums is a contemporary fiction novel written by Robin Strachan. Dr. Carrie Nelson was getting ready to leave the Blackfeet Reservation in Northwest Montana once again. This was not the first time she would leave after completing her week as a volunteer with...

Lessons In Gravity

A new-adult, Yosemite National Park rock climbing romance
By Megan Westfield

Megan Westfield’s Lessons In Gravity is a sweet romance centered on rock climbing. Three years ago the heroine, April Stephens, watched her daredevil pilot father fall to a fiery death. Though so much time has passed, she’s never gotten over his death. It doesn’t help...

Life After E.L.E.

Frozen World Book 1
By JC Morrows

In Life After E.L.E., the first book in an exciting new series, Frozen World by author JC Morrows, we enter a white, frigid world. The earth has been struck by a rogue moon, causing chaos and an Ice Age Event. Preparations were made for this...

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By Melissa R. Smith

Devani Daniels is fourteen years old and loves sharing books, history, and music with her father's friend, Tristan. Then Devani's father, Jake, takes Devani home and away from Tristan. Years pass, and Devani is now thirty-something and working for Parker's Books and Cafe in Overton,...