Fiction - New Adult

Lessons In Gravity

A new-adult, Yosemite National Park rock climbing romance
By Megan Westfield

Megan Westfield’s Lessons In Gravity is a sweet romance centered on rock climbing. Three years ago the heroine, April Stephens, watched her daredevil pilot father fall to a fiery death. Though so much time has passed, she’s never gotten over his death. It doesn’t help...

1462 South Broadway

Jessie Hayes Book 1
By KC Decker

KC Decker's 1462 South Broadway is book one in the Jessie Hayes series, a sizzling contemporary romance with a huge potential to entertain fans of the genre. In a deliciously crafted story, the reader is introduced to an exotic world of eroticism and a sexually...

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Making of an Empress

By Frank David

Making of an Empress by Frank David is a gorgeous story with a powerful conflict, a story that features strong themes, including personal development, family, leadership, and the power of change. As the only person — her grandfather — who could help her harness the...


A Windflower Saga Novella
By Aleksandra Layland

Albina (A Windflower Saga Novella) by Aleksandra Layland is a short story/novella in the science fiction fantasy genre. This is a book that would appeal most to a mixed audience of adults and young adults who have enjoyed the Windflower Saga, as well as those...

Ultra Blue

By L. M. du Preez

Ultra Blue by L.M. du Preez is a story that powerfully showcases the themes of personal development, abuse, and inner freedom, the story of Sidonie who grows up dreaming of finding the love that would heal her wounded life and make her feel loved, wanted,...

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The Finest Hat in the Whole World

By Colleen A. Parkinson

The Finest Hat in the Whole World by Colleen A. Parkinson brings alive a world that is now consigned to history. Opening on New Year’s Eve in 1916, the backdrop, seen through the eyes of Phena and Des, is of young American boys excited about...

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The Belgrave Legacy

By Zara Hoffman

The Belgrave Legacy by Zara Hoffman is an upper young adult paranormal novel about the ancient fight between Heaven and Hell. Upon her 16th birthday, Fawn Belgrave receives her inherited magical powers. After nearly setting her mom and twin brother on fire, she decides to...

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By Leah Haley Morrison

Fractured by Leah Haley Morrison is the kind of fiction that women will love, a story with a strong message for abused women. Rose has known all forms of abuses as she grew up, especially from her mother. But then she marries a man who...

The Songweaver's Vow

By Laura VanArendonk Baugh

The Songweaver's Vow by Laura VanArendonk Baugh is a powerful retelling of Greek and Norse myths woven together in Euthalia's story. When her father trades her to Vikings to save himself, she's horrified to discover that she's to be sacrificed as the bride of a...

Hotel Hookup

By Annabelle Snow

There are a few things all bridesmaids are guaranteed; a generally unflattering dress so the bride shines, watching her friend morph into Bridezilla, and an obnoxious if gorgeous escort down the aisle. For Amaree Lowell, we can scratch obnoxious because the gorgeous escort is her...