Fiction - Short Story/Novela

Just Kidding

Ruby's Prequel Novella (Sorrento Book 0)
By Jianna Higgins

Just Kidding is Ruby’s prequel novella in the Sorrento series, written by Jianna Higgins. Ruby Smith is knowledgeable in many things. As a former action junkie in her youth, riding motorcycles, flying airplanes, skiing and four-wheel driving made up just a fragment of her adventurous...

Make Them Scream

By Tanja Kobasic

Make Them Scream by Tanja Kobasic is a heartbreaking story inspired by the sad demise of Baby the bulldog, a tragedy that happened on October, 2013 in North Yorkshire, England when two brothers, Andrew and Daniel Frankish, brutally abused a bulldog while filming the heinous...

Illustrated Short Fiction of William H. Coles: 2000-2016

By William H. Coles

“Everybody has a story” is a well-worn phrase. But how many of us, as we go about our busy lives, ever stop to think about the home life of that disabled boy carrying out groceries or rounding up the emptied shopping carts around the parking...

Noah's Story

Close Enough to Kill Series Novella
By Jacqueline Simon Gunn

Noah's Story: A Close Enough to Kill Series Novella is a psychological thriller written by Jacqueline Simon Gunn. While Gunn’s other books in this series show Noah Donovan from the perspective of his long-time friend and fiancee, Yvonne, and his girlfriend, Kadee, Noah’s Story explores...

The Essence of Life and Love in Australia

By Margaret Lynette Sharp

The 28 short stories in The Essence of Life and Love in Australia by Margaret Lynette Sharp are set against the backdrop of both city and country life in Australia. The collection is diverse and the stories explore reunion, ambition, attraction, serendipity, and the...

Flings With Rings

Book One in The Twisted Rings Series
By Katerina Sestakova Novotna

Flings with Rings: Book One in The Twisted Rings Series by Katerina Sestakova Novotna is a fascinating and mysterious love story revolving around Evelina, who has a collection of five engagement rings. Men find Evelina attractive and her friends think they are attracted to her...

Cruel and Unusual

Four short stories of judicial horror
By Erik Dean

Cruel and Unusual: Four Short Stories of Judicial Horror by Erik Dean features four horror short stories that will take readers' breath away. Revisit the inhumane treatment of witches who were tried and burned at the stake in England. Meet Helen and the other witches...

Feathers and Fireflies

By Melanie Rodriguez

Feathers and Fireflies by Melanie Rodriguez is a young adult fantasy novella centering around seventeen-year-old Rory, as she tries to fulfill her dream of seeing the shapeshifters dance on summer solstice. In the village of Vanora, Rory knows she doesn’t fit in. Having lost both...

S.O.S. Animals And Other Stories

By Fiza Pathan

S.O.S. Animals and Other Stories by Fiza Pathan is a collection of 26 short stories which range from parable-like stories backed up by biblical texts, to unusual scenarios which cause the reader to stop and think. Many of the stories involve animals in one way...

The Fat Man Gets Out of Bed

Collected Shorter Stories
By Michael Lynes

The Fat Man Gets Out Of Bed (Collected Shorter Stories) by Michael Lynes has 13 broad-based literary works for readers. Some are readable and enjoyable, and some might need another angle of perspective to understand them. That said, Lynes’ skill in terms of prose and...

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