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Chanukah Tales from Oykvetchnik

By Scott Hilton Davis

Chanukah Tales from Oykvetchnik is a collection of original Yiddish folk stories written by Scott Hilton Davis and illustrated by Amy F. Levine. Davis grew up loving the tales of Sholem Aleichem, I.L. Peretz, Sholem Abramovitsh and Jacob Dinezon, and has devoted his life to...

Crocodile Chamber

By Gayendra Abeywardane

Crocodile Chamber by Gayendra Abeywardane is a short, but most intense and unusual read, and is definitely not for everyone. Readers who will be drawn to Crocodile Chamber aren’t afraid of dark stories. They are readers who enjoy reflection that intellectualizes and explores…even if it...

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Christmas Magic 1959

By Kathryn Meyer Griffith

Christmas Magic 1959 by Kathryn Meyer Griffith tells the story of the Christmas of 1959 when the author was a young girl, just nine years old. She recalls the sights, sounds and smells of everything on that special day with her grandparents, mother and father,...

Come As You Are

A Short Novel and Nine Stories
By Steven Ramirez

Come As You Are: A Short Novel and Nine Stories is a collection of horror tales for young adult readers, written by Steven Ramirez. Being twelve years old was not the idyllic thing that most grownups remember it being. Ask Ivan, a middle school kid,...

Cherry Pickers

By Bonnie Milani

Cherry Pickers by Bonnie Milani is a short story set in the penal colony of Sisyphus. Nikki Sotolongo is 17 years old and, as far as she is concerned, she is no longer a child. She wants her gun license, but her mother isn’t giving...

Cruel and Unusual

Four short stories of judicial horror
By Erik Dean

Cruel and Unusual: Four Short Stories of Judicial Horror by Erik Dean features four horror short stories that will take readers' breath away. Revisit the inhumane treatment of witches who were tried and burned at the stake in England. Meet Helen and the other witches...

Christmas Past

An Angel's Story
By Ron Shaw

I am a Christian. I was born and raised as one. But my faith sometimes needs a strong shot in the arm. Christmas Past: An Angel’s Story by Ron Shaw gave me one today. It is June. We are a long way from Christmas, but...

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Courage of Ansgar

A Windflower Saga Novella
By Aleksandra Layland

All Edmond wanted to do with his life was teach in the remote boys' school in northern Aspatria, lead a simple life and, when he retired, live in the same remote area. All his cousin, Kolman, wanted was to teach at the same school. Kerys...

Cue Bull

By Dan Absalonson

Cue Bull by Dan Absalonson is a poignant short story about how a man's life changes and how he moves on after the loss of his father. George and his brothers have just finished cleaning out their parents' house, preparing it for an estate sale....

Code Redhead

Day Of The Dead
By JR Wirth

Code Redhead: Day Of The Dead is a dark horror short story written by J.R. Wirth. Sham Jones found himself out in the rain consoling Cali's BFF, a scrawny girl named Linda McNally, who generally made his skin crawl. They were both bereft, bereft and...

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