The Tenth Group of Assignments

Life in Retirement
By Ike Morah

Life In Retirement By Ike Moran is his Tenth Group of Assignments Book. Ike, who has been the hero throughout this series, is ready to go into retirement. After years of cleaning out the underworld of druggies, the mafia, and all the villainous thugs, he...

Investing for Retirement 101

The Ten Minute Retirement Income Calculator
By G.A. Vickers

Author G.A. Vickers brings his vast experience to this book. He specialized in 401K plans and IRA. The reader has only to turn on the news to know the economy is uncertain. Those of us who thought our retirement income was secure are now uncertain....

Retirement Can Be Murder

Every Wife Has A Story
By Susan Santangelo

Retirement Can Be Murder is a delightful mystery . This is the first book in a new series by author Susan Santangelo. Rarely have I read such a humorous mystery. Carol’s husband Jim is considering retirement. She’s in a panic at the thought of him...

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Gracious Living On Social Security

By Valerie Kent

Gracious Living On Social Security is not what I expected. I’m not sure what I expected but I do know this small book surpassed all my expectations. Gracious Living On Social Security is much more than a how to manual. It is...

My Next Phase

The Personality-Based Guide to Your Best Retirement
By Eric Sundstrom, PhD, Randy Burnham, PhD, and Michael Burnham

My Next Phase may be one of the most significant books you ever read relating to your retirement. Many baby-boomers preparing their retirement focus their planning on only the financial aspect. Not all have considered what comes after retirement. “Success in Retirement comes from self-understanding,”...

Tax-Free Retirement

By Patrick Kelly

Patrick Kelly offers readers a plan for Retirement--Tax FREE. He lists 9 “Landmines” that can blow up your retirement plans. Many people blink, and it is retirement time. They have never made a plan. They have no idea how much money they will need to...