Sir Rowan and the Camerian Conquest

The Knights of Arrethtrae
By Chuck Black

In this, the sixth and final book of the Knights of Arrethtrae Series, the author has a twofold purpose. First, he explores the concept of pride and the destructive consequences of holding that concept as a personal god. Secondly, the author speculates on the return...

Sisters Red

By Jackson Pearce, Erin Moon, Michal Friedman, and Suzanne Toren

Scarlett and Rosie March hunt and kill Fenris. A Fenris is a werewolf. They prey on pretty young girls. After a Fenris attacked the girls and killed their grandmother, Scarlett made it her mission to rid the world of Fenris. The attack left Scarlett emotionally...

Shoot the Wounded

By Lynn Dove

"Shoot The Wounded" centers around the small town and families of Maplewood. Leigh and Ronnie were best friends in grade school, things changed as they started high school. Their family life was very different. In her teen years Ronnie turned wild. Jake was a new...

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Sir Dalton and the Shadow Heart

The Knights of Arrethtrae
By Chuck Black

Chuck Black transports the reader back to a time of sword battles, chivalry, knights in armor and good versus evil.  The Knights of Arrethtrae series continues with Sir Dalton and the Shadow Heart.  While this novel stands alone I strongly suggest the reader begin with...


By Myra Calvani

The setting is San Juan, Puerto Rico. The characters are bizarre. Our lead character is Daniella, a college student, trying to discover her true self. Her cast of supporting characters are a unique group. A Zorro wannabe is leaving his...