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The Box of Tricks

By Alistair Potter

Tom Mathers is a fairly typical British hero, rather shy, tongue-tied around attractive women, but stout-hearted, loyal, brave and always determined to do the right thing. The Box Of Tricks by Alistair Potter chronicles his adventures resulting from his inheritance of a small antique box...

The Last Trollid

The Sunset of Magic Book 1
By Alistair Potter

An elderly wizard uses his awesome powers to open a world gate on the peaceful pastoral planet of Nephus and, as a result, enables an invading horde of reptilian aliens to pass through and launch a merciless attack on the mainly agricultural population. The Last...

The Counsel of Wizards

The Sunset of Magic Book 2
By Alistair Potter

Grant Moy is a science student on the planet Nephus. One morning he is summoned by his father with the surprising news that a dying wizard, who is the custodian of a fabled library, has requested his help. Grant has no idea why he has...

Bort's People

The Sunset of Magic Book 3
By Alistair Potter

Bort’s People by Alistair Potter is the third book in The Sunset of Magic series. Bort is the last of his kind, the last Trollid. Or is he? Three hundred years ago, his race was kidnapped, stolen away by the Harrowen and now Bort is...

Perax Frontier

By Alistair Potter

Perax Frontier by Alistair Potter is the story of a tiny asteroid, shaped just like a doughnut, that floats alone in interstellar space. It being such a small place, you wouldn’t think it needed an Imperial Ambassador, but it seems it does. You see, the...