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Guardian of the Dead

By Karen Healey

Guardian of the Dead draws on Maori mythology but is set in modern day New Zealand. Main character Ellie Spenser has enrolled in Mansfield College in southern New Zealand while her parents are on an extended cruise to celebrate her mother's being cancer-free. Ellie is...

The Shattering

By Karen Healey

The Shattering by Karen Healey is a revealing novel for young adult readers. Three younger sibling teens wrestle with the fact that their older brothers have committed suicide. The turmoil that haunts the living is vividly portrayed and totally believable. It gives food for thought...

When We Wake

By Karen Healey

What happens after we die? For most of us, that question is still a big blank, but for Tegan the answer is a whole new life. Tegan is ripped from her world during what should have been the shining moment of her young life. The...

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