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The Methuselarity Transformation

By Rick Moskovitz

The Methuselarity Transformation is a science fiction novel written by Rick Moskovitz. Marcus Takana has given up on his future, ever since the environmental calamity that impoverished his family when he was 22 years old and he joined the ranks of the data deprived. He’s...

Brink of Life

Book 2: Brink of Life Trilogy
By Rick Moskovitz

The question of aging, mind transfer, DNA modification, and complex personalities are among the elements that give this narrative uniqueness and originality and feed the conflict that moves the narrative forward. Petra Kresky suddenly finds herself in a consciousness that isn’t hers, surrounded by people...

A Stand-in for Dying

Book 1: Brink of Life Trilogy
By Rick Moskovitz

A Stand-in for Dying by Rick Moskovitz is the story of what happens when you mess with the natural order of things. A strange woman comes into the lives of Marcus and Ray, two men who were after two very different things. She offered them...