A Time and a Place

Fiction - Science Fiction
Kindle Edition
Reviewed on 10/04/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Divine Zape for Readers' Favorite

The changes were very odd, indicating an obsessive tendency to neatness — frequent flossing of teeth, cleaning of the bathroom, washing of dishes, combing of hair, and the excessive smile that lit up his face. These were the signs that something was wrong with Barnabus's nephew and he couldn't let him continue this way, so Barnabus brings in Doctor Humphrey who stuns him with his outrageous diagnosis — it is a demonic possession. Before Barnabus can properly process what is happening, Humphrey and his nephew disappear through a portal. To rescue them, he'd have to go through the portal himself. But what awaits him in the world beyond this portal is for the reader to find out. A Time and a Place by Joe Mahoney is a satisfying read for fans of mystery and supernatural stories.

Joe Mahoney managed to get my attention from the very beginning of the story and his gift of humor reflects powerfully in the narrative, starting from the very first paragraph. I always love to find originality when it comes to tone, voice, and writing and it didn't take long for me to notice this in Mahoney. He writes with confidence and his phraseology has a unique flair to it. The story is well-plotted and character-driven. I enjoyed the awesome descriptions that allow the reader to connect with the characters. I enjoyed the way the author presented Dr. Humphrey, leaving the reader with the impression that Humphrey must have changed over time, perhaps suffered much, and that he doesn’t take care of himself. Elements of intrigue abound in A Time and a Place and the reader becomes engrossed with the characters pretty quickly.