A Voice Beyond Reason

Fiction - Literary
260 Pages
Reviewed on 05/25/2017
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Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite

What really makes a man what he is? Beneath the pain and thrill of life, what is the stuff we are made of? These are questions that Pablo could have answered with certainty had life not dealt him very serious and painful blows. He’s been sure of everything in his life. He has a love life, a loving family, a future, and a mission, until tragedy strikes and then he has to seek answers — seriously. A Voice Beyond Reason by Matthew Félix is a contemplative story; one with the kind of lessons one reads in Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist. Pablo sets out on a journey that will transform his entire life. Here is a story that powerfully shows how our mental attitudes affect our physical results.

Matthew Félix’s writing is purposeful, written to provoke readers into asking serious questions about their choices, their attachments, relationships, and fears. It reads like a spiritual odyssey, a journey a young man from a mountain hamlet in Spain makes to his inner core, assessing his values and re-defining his personality. This might sound like a preachy kind of novel, but it is far from it. In fact, it is mind boggling, but it entertains beyond measure. The reader will enjoy the wonderful culture around the plot, the beautiful setting, and themes like friendship and love, family, the meaning of suffering, and inner peace. The writing is beautiful and it features great cultural elements. I enjoyed the fact that the author weaves phrases of the Spanish language into the naturally flowing dialogues. A Voice Beyond Reason is a story about the courage to listen to the incessant beckonings of our heart and to embrace the path that communicates meaning to us. I loved the writing, the plot, the characters, and - above all - the powerful and inspiring message of this tale.

Susan Sewell

A Voice Beyond Reason by Matthew Félix is a dramatic fiction novel about a young man's journey into manhood and his awakening to the wisdom that resides within him. Pablo lives in a small village in the mountains of Spain. His parents own one of the two markets in the village. His life consists of working in the store with his parents and spending time with his friends. His plans for the future are to be married and take over his father's market. With his future secure, Pablo is happy and contented with his life and only occasionally entertains a few wistful dreams of living outside village life. However, during the annual three-day festival in honor of the Virgin Mary, Pablo's life takes a sudden and tragic turn. The foundations of his existence and proposed future go up in flames. Deep in mourning and unable to relate to anyone, Pablo retires into seclusion. Unexpectedly, his self-imposed solitude initiates the discovery that he has more than five senses. His new awareness opens pathways to different and astounding opportunities. Will Pablo follow a new direction or will he listen to the voice of reason?

A Voice Beyond Reason by Matthew Félix is a fascinating fiction novel portraying the expansion of a young man's perceptions and how he applies it in his life. The account of Pablo's progression from the world of logic into the plane of intuition is informative and illuminating. Matthew Félix has a gift for creating exquisite scenes and imagery that bring his story world to life; a sensational artist with words. The setting for the story is in one of the most beautiful places on earth, and the author does a magnificent job of depicting it. The words paint such a realistic picture that you feel as if you are there. I recommend it to those who love reading literary pieces of art.

Gisela Dixon

A Voice Beyond Reason by Matthew Félix is a fiction novel that explores metaphysical questions on the state of living and the meaning of life itself. The book starts off with our introduction to Pablo, living with his parents in a quiet village in Spain and managing the local village store with them. He has a steady girlfriend, friends, and his life is going just the way he expects it to go. Shortly after, a stranger named Victor arrives in the village, whose family happens to be one of the oldest in the area. Then one day, things take a tragic turn for Pablo and his entire life is turned upside down. As he deals with fear and grief, he and Victor strike up a friendship and thus open a philosophical discussion about reason versus intuition which continues intermittently throughout the book as Pablo learns to follow and trust his gut instinct or intuition and follow where his heart leads.

It may be a bit tough to categorize A Voice Beyond Reason by Matthew Félix as falling into any particular genre. It covers aspects of psychology, science, religion, spirituality, and of course metaphysics. I did enjoy the dialogue between Pablo and Victor and found that it forced me to reflect on a few things. That being said, I also thought that the philosophical element in the book felt at times a bit contrived. It almost felt like reading chapters out of some modern day article on mindfulness or psychology. Still, the book itself is written well and has an interesting plot and storyline. Matthew’s vivid descriptions of places in Spain are also beautiful and make the book a pleasure to read.