Amongst My Enemies

Amongst My Enemies

Fiction - Adventure
373 Pages
Reviewed on 12/31/2011
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Author Biography

William F. Brown is the author of six mystery and suspense novels. Amongst My Enemies, his second e-book release, is a fast-paced Cold War action story of international suspense that deals with espionage, revenge, and missing art and treasure in the post war years.

The Undertaker, his first e-book is a domestic thriller, which was published in February 2011. It has already garnered 18 Five-Star and 16 Four-Star reviews of 36 posted on Amazon and other e-book sites, and has consistently been in the top tier of Amazon sales. It is available on the Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, B&N Nook, IBook, and the other e-book sites.

His earlier writing include Thursday at Noon, a Joan Kahn Book published by St. Martin’s Press in hardback and by Harlequin’s Gold Eagle in paperback and various foreign editions. It was reviewed favorably in the New Yorker and in many other major publications in the US. Beaufort Books published his first novel, The Allah Conspiracy in hardback. Both deal with international terrorism and will soon be released in e-book formats, as will two other suspense novels he is now finishing, Winner Lose All and Through The Glass Darkly.

In addition to the novels, he has written four award-winning screenplays. They have won First Place in the suspense category of the Final Draft contest, Finalist in Fade In, First Place in the Screenwriter’s Utopia -Screenwriter’s Showcase Awards, Second Place in the American Screenwriter’s Association, Second Place at Brec

    Book Review

Reviewed by Anne B for Readers' Favorite

Amongst My Enemies by William F. Brown begins with a prologue reminding people of the attacks against Israel and how Israel grew in strength within a few years. In chapter one the scene shifts to WWII and a group of POWs forced to labor in Konigsberg Germany. There we meet Michael Randall, a man ready to explode. “the Russians understood. They said if you pound on a man long enough and give him absolutely nothing to live for, he might curl up in a shell and die, or he might explode. He might “grab the Devil by his coattails and hang on for the ride.” Michael and his best friend Eddie Hodge flew together fought together and were held prisoner together. When Eddie became so sick he could no longer walk he begged Michael to help him die. Michael and the other prisoners were force to load a U-Boat with odd shaped packages bound for Argentina. The packages contained gold, paintings, and art. Michael sees the U-Boat as a possible means of escape but was later placed in a small rubber raft in the vast ocean close to Sweden. Michael watched as the U-Boat sunk. In Part II we move forward in time to 1948. The story moves forward in time. Many factions know about the gold and each one wants the boat and its cargo. Michael only wants revenge.

One of the things that made this book special to me was the fact that I had just visited the WWII museum in New Orleans. William F. Brown captures the ambience of the era. He breathed life in the characters. The plot is an exciting adventure- thriller. Brown skillfully weaves the threads of the story together creating a tapestry that tells the story of Michael and the contains of the missing U-Boat.

I love books that draw you into the scenes so tightly that you feel as if you are there yourself. The author has done an excellent job of researching down to the 'nth degree of detail. Readers will not feel that anything has been left out in this tale of war, greed, espionage, and real cold war concerns from the is that believable! This is an excellent read and I am honored to have been given the opportunity to review it.