Blood Memory Society

Blood Memory Society

Book 1

Fiction - Thriller - General
Kindle Edition
Reviewed on 06/10/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Divine Zape for Readers' Favorite

Dr. Will Dunbar practices reproductive medicine, an expert in his field, and is just preparing to take the enviable position as head of the department in the Mayo Clinic when the call comes. It’s his former classmate at West Point and it is a matter of national security. His expertise is badly needed in Washington, so he races to get there on time. But what awaits him is far worse than anything he’d imagined — political intrigue, international conspiracy, and a deadly government program. Coupled with family secrets, Dunbar finds himself betrayed and fighting for the safety of his love and for his life. Blood Memory Society combines the elements of sci-fi, adventure, and thriller genres to take you on a rollercoaster ride of a lifetime.

Blood Memory Society by D.A. Field is a brilliant opening for a thriller series and this one is a great ride that promises even more in the books that will follow. I couldn’t resist the opening and knew I was doomed to read the entire book: “Death and a dime bag. Those were the words the man in the long trench coat kept tossing around in his brain. It was simple. After completing this day of death, he would reach into his “dime bag” stash of homegrown marijuana and smoke away the memories.” I love stories that are well told, and one of the things I start looking for when I pick up a book is the author’s voice. I want it to come across as unique and strong and D.A. Field’s was one such voice. The humorous opening is enough to enable the reader to connect with the characters, feel the story, and anticipate what is to come. This book is a huge success with extraordinary characters, a powerful plot line, and a conflict that will make the blood curdle within the reader’s veins as they read on. It is engrossing and irresistible.