Buchanan's Express

Adventures In Intergalactic Trucking

Fiction - Science Fiction
223 Pages
Reviewed on 08/31/2023
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Rabia Tanveer for Readers' Favorite

Buchanan’s Express: Adventures in Intergalactic Trucking by John Parker is a space thriller that follows the journey of the enigmatic Buchanan. Our heroine, Captain Buchanan “Buck,” was a pilot for a spaceship transportation service she started with her husband. She was happy about the job and looked forward to it until some hijackers killed her husband. It was all about going through the motions and surviving another day. With alien Slick as her partner, she worked skirting danger and flirting with fire. However, things changed drastically when she took Thiago as a new passenger. He wanted Buck to transport a suspicious box to a dangerous planet riddled with pirates, and if she succeeded, she would get massive pay for it. But Thiago was wanted by a dodgy man who knew him very closely. Was Buck ready for the new challenge? Or would this job prove to be too much for her?

Buchanan’s Express is a thriller packed with action, adventure, a little bit of science fiction, and a total dose of entertainment. I loved Buck, her spark, and her outlook on her tasks. She is a go-getter, someone who looked forward and made decisions based on the situation. I really enjoyed her relationship with Slick; it was something else. They relied on each other; Slick kept her sane, while Buck gave Slick a purpose in life. The narrative was fantastic. The pace was fast without being overwhelming, the story flowed smoothly, and the character development was just incredible. The ending scene with Buck’s decision was almost cathartic. Author John Parker has created a masterpiece that readers of all genres will love. If you love to read adventure, you will love it!

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Buck's priority for her trucking business is how to make enough money to turn around her present ship, which is a little better than a heap of old parts. However, she is not averse to taking on the odd job, even when it is borderline illegal, so long as the payout is guaranteed. Unfortunately, she is caught up in a shootout during one of her trips to finalize a recent assignment. By the time the dust settles, she has an injured client, a strange-looking box, and the promise of a payday beyond her wildest dreams if she can get the box to a secure location she is unfamiliar with. Buck has no idea that she is about to embark on an adventure of interstellar proportions in John Parker’s Buchanan's Express.

Adventure beckons when a mercenary-minded trucker discovers nothing is ordinary about her latest assignment in the storyline of John Parker’s science fiction novel. Buchanan’s Express is a fun-filled tale with interesting characters who may have strange names and come from parts unknown but their conversations would feel right at home at a truck stop. Parker’s characters are impressively put together with interesting backstories and motivations that are simple enough to deduce. The humor in the novel sets the tone for a relaxed adventure with curious subplots that merge into the overall storyline fluidly. Following Buck, Chaze, and Thiago exploring their feelings and the boundaries of their relationship makes for an interesting romantic subplot. Parker’s imaginative storytelling style does an excellent job of bringing planets like Felonious to life within an immersive plot. This is a science fiction aficionado’s perfect novel.