Called Out

Called Out

A Novel of Baseball and America in 1908

Fiction - Historical - Event/Era
364 Pages
Reviewed on 05/26/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Rabia Tanveer for Readers' Favorite

Called Out: A Novel of Baseball and America in 1908 by Floyd Sullivan goes back in time and shows how America’s famous pastime was almost ruined because of a few vital characters! The story starts in 1908 and the National Baseball League President Harry Pulliam has his suspicions that someone is spying on him. He believes that the owner of the New York Giants is spying on him so that he can blackmail Harry and prove that he is incompetent for the job. Pulliam is scared that the New York Giant's owner will find out about his lover, Ted Russell, and blackmail him.

However, Pulliam has someone in his corner who is his ultimate savior and his guide. Lenore Caylor is a stenographer to Pulliam and she has fallen in love with him. And in Lenore, Pulliam has found a champion who will do whatever it takes to save him and make his life easier. But this fight is much more difficult than anyone could have anticipated, and there is not much one can do when the adversary is so strong. What can they do when things will affect Lenore, Pulliam and Ted, their relationship, and their lives?

Intriguing, intense and action packed, Called Out is a fast paced novel that is built on solid characters and an amazing story line. The story and the plot lines are very well-constructed and the characters are well-rounded. No one is perfect and you will find human flaws in each and every one of the characters. For me, this made the novel even more attractive. The dry humor, the wit and the crisp dialogues made Floyd Sullivan’s writing even more entertaining than I was expecting it to be. Brilliant, and a fun read.