Canopy of Hope

Fiction - Science Fiction
352 Pages
Reviewed on 11/30/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by K.J. Simmill for Readers' Favorite

It was a day that became known as Day Zero, the day everything both started and ended. A solar flare resulted in critical system failures of electronics, satellites, and over 8000 planes plummeted from the sky. As things appear to get back to normal, on the surface at least, people try to make sense of the devastation. Choop, a twelve-year-old boy, is one of those affected. His mother had been working when the planes came down, and her place of work was destroyed beyond all recognition. Myoki, their neighbour, had taken it upon herself to care for the young boy while trying to come to terms with her own devastating loss. But things, it seemed, would not be 'normal' for long. The latest research revealed a devastating result, based on predicted solar activity, that mankind had less than five years to live. A select group is chosen to be part of a colonisation project, and amongst those selected is Myoki. Having grown attached to Choop, she puts the wheels in motion to adopt him and save him from the coming extinction event. As the years pass, Choop is trained by Bipin to understand the forest. The Native American knows nothing of the secrecy and the coming threat, only that the dreams he has warn that Choop must understand the forest for the sake of humanity's survival. Choop will need to use everything he has come to learn if there is any chance of surviving, and the new world doesn't hold the only threat. Discover the danger in Wayne Peterson's Canopy of Hope.

Canopy of Hope is an enjoyable read with an array of different characters, motives, agendas, and secrets. Its good flow will make it easy to lose yourself in the plot, and Wayne Peterson adds credibility to the story by the inclusion of simple, but not overly complex, explanations. The scenes are built well, including the raising of tension in stealth scenes, and the characters' different motivations are believable. Fans of science fiction and dystopian novels will find many elements to stimulate their imagination, from the impending doomsday scenario to the efforts made to ensure that colonisation is possible. Years pass in the span of the book, and the manner in which this is portrayed allows the transitions to occur seamlessly. There is a wide array of characters, which provides ample opportunity for enjoyable dialogue and exchanges. The characters introduced all bring their own elements to the plot, from conflict, oppression, and torment, to new love, friends, and understanding. The circumstances and escalations are portrayed in a believable and realistic manner that will keep the reader entertained and waiting for the next event to unfold.