Chance Upon Wilmartin

Desperate Journey

Romance - Contemporary
217 Pages
Reviewed on 04/17/2024
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Pikasho Deka for Readers' Favorite

Chance Upon Wilmartin is a romance drama novel by Darin TaDream. After suffering a horrendous sexual assault from her own father, seventeen-year-old Theodora 'Odie' Coldstream leaves her luxurious life in California and runs away from home with seemingly no destination in mind. However, when fate crosses her path with that of Franklin Roosevelt Trueman, a distant relative, Odie develops feelings she has previously never experienced. Frank also feels a pull toward her that he can't deny. After the two arrive in the small town of Wilmartin Hill in North Carolina, Odie discovers she is in a position to become one of the three Matrons of her prestigious family. Meanwhile, her relationship with Frank continues to grow. But after an unexpected accident, will Frank's feelings remain the same? What does the future hold for Odie and Frank?

Chance Upon Wilmartin is an engaging romance novel with a healthy dose of family drama. Darin TaDream has crafted some wonderfully dynamic characters and a family line as intricately detailed as some of the most notable families in America right now. The narrative takes some time to set up the characters and the plot, which allows readers to really learn about each character's personality and their place within the Wilmartin Hill community. Odie has lived a sheltered life until her assault, and her growth from a naive young girl to a strong-willed woman makes for a stellar character arc. Her chemistry with Frank is infectious, and their relationship is easy to root for. If you're a fan of stories featuring romance and legacy families, this one will be right up your alley!