Comprehensive Study of the Origin of Humankind

Objective Analysis and Vindication of the Unofficial Evidence

Non-Fiction - Historical
695 Pages
Reviewed on 07/19/2023
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Author Biography

Throughout my life I have been immersed in the study of many fields, especially ancient history and archaeology, everything that could guide me in the search for the truth about our origins. The story of Mesopotamia recorded on clay tablets discovered in the Near East is believed by many to be mythology, as if it were fiction. This research has convinced me that the Mesopotamian tablets contain the true story of the origins of humankind. I never thought of writing but the ideas arose in my mind and in a period of eight years I shaped them and they were embodied in this book. Using my intuition and the ability to see beyond the words, the translations of the most prestigious experts of the Mesopotamian texts were analyzed with a just perspective and contextualized. The translations are consistent in content and direct in meaning, but since they are mostly considered mythology and the metaphoric language in them some authors did not interpreted them on their merit. I believe that intuition and perception can lead the mind and intellect to unravel what is not seen with the naked eye. In this book you will find innovative proposals to explain why and how each and every one of the most relevant events in our history occurred since the beginning of time. My book has a message that for the majority can mean a great change in the way they perceive things and what they have learned from the Institutions.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Asher Syed for Readers' Favorite

Comprehensive Study of the Origin of Humankind: Objective Analysis and Vindication of Unofficial Evidence by Ryanne Maxine Meyersohn is an alternative explanation based on anthropological and ancient texts findings, includes a comprehensive investigation of all the events that led to the formation of human civilization. The author delves into ancient texts and scholarly translations to reveal a detailed history of everything that happened on Earth but includes information that has been swept under the rug, from the formation of the solar system to the arrival of the Anunnaki, which Meyersohn explains, and to the time of Alexander the Great. According to Meyersohn and the previously undisclosed evidence, our learned history does not include alien life or the rest of the universe. This extensive analysis and in-depth search for clues provided the knowledge necessary to determine the dates of all the major events in human history.

Ryanne Maxine Meyersohn deserves high praise, even from people who do not agree with it, for the amount of work poured into Comprehensive Study of the Origin of Humankind, and for the courage it took to put all these ideas out for public consumption. The research is meticulously conducted and the writing is scholarly without pretentiousness and thought-provoking. Meyerson connects the dots between seemingly disparate events that, if ever proven true, the findings have the potential to revolutionize human and religious history. The book is a treasure trove of information that is sure to challenge readers' understanding of connectivity in the universe and inspire further research. I finished this book and went to find out more about alien technology in ancient history but Meyersohn covers most of it in this volume. Overall, Comprehensive Study of the Origin of Humankind is an outstanding work of scholarship that is sure to be of interest to anyone interested in the civilization in which humans and aliens coexisted on Earth in the remote past, a story that maybe echoed in the writings of the Book of Genesis and ancient texts.

K.C. Finn

Comprehensive Study of the Origin of Humankind: Objective Analysis and Vindication of the Unofficial Evidence is a work of non-fiction in the historical writing, civilization, and cultural issues subgenres. It is best suited to the general adult reading audience and was penned by author Ryanne Maxine Meyersohn, Ph.D. In this intriguing academic read, we explore the historical writings surrounding the events of the Book of Genesis and explore how early civilization occurred and where the stories we now know from the Bible actually took place. From Mesopotamian history through to the Sumerians, Assyrians, Hittites, Greeks, and beyond, the author explores all the secrets of the formation of the Earth, including the mysterious Anunnaki and their apparently superhuman presence amongst early civilizations.

Author Ryanne Maxine Meyersohn takes Genesis and history hand in hand in this interesting volume to explore the possibilities of recorded history and find clues among the writings of different cultures as to what existed during ancient times on our planet. I found the research and cross-referencing of the work to be incredibly intricate, with so much well-grounded evidence that the picture begins to form in a really interesting way with the more time you spend immersed in the read. It’s an epic journey to explore all of this, but the organization of the work helps to keep readers on track and not overwhelm them despite the complex tapestry of interlocking historical accounts. The author’s conclusions are fascinating, and overall I would certainly recommend Comprehensive Study of the Origin of Humankind to historical and cultural students exploring the possibilities of where our oldest stories of civilization actually come from.

Fiona Ingram

Comprehensive Study of the Origin of Humankind by Ryanne Maxine Meyersohn takes on the monumental task of making sense of historical, biblical, and archaeological accounts of the origins of humankind. The work was inspired by the author’s own questions of the how, when, and why of historical events that have never been fully explained. Much of ancient history has conveniently been consigned to the realm of ‘mythology’ by historians, archaeologists, and other experts who have no answers, especially to the big question of how early humankind went from a supposedly primitive existence to almost overnight giant leaps in advancement and megalithic building skills. Ryanne covers a vast panorama of topics such as history, archaeology, anthropology, genetics, agriculture, art, literacy, medicine, learning, writing, architecture, astronomy, and basically everything that makes up human civilization.
The author’s premise is that an advanced civilization, the Anunnaki, came to Earth for its own purposes, and this resulted in the development of humankind. They then left but will return. Ryanne delves into the writing and mythology of ancient Mesopotamia, including the Sumerians, Assyrians, and the Hittites, and later the biblical accounts of major events and cataclysms affecting humankind, such as the Great Flood. She also covers the ancient Egyptians, the Maya, and the Aztecs. The author quite rightly points out that while these ancient writings across various civilizations in different parts of the world (that could never possibly have communicated at that time) amazingly all say the same thing – celestial beings came to this planet and shared their advanced knowledge – the experts cannot offer any alternative explanation.

I am an avid fan of this kind of research. Some of the information Ryanne shares is familiar to me, especially ancient Egypt, the Aztecs, and the Maya. I am also very interested in biblical history, and I appreciated the many detailed links behind this pattern of human development that the author has so painstakingly drawn together in a gigantic tapestry. Ryanne also explains Atlantis (another interest of mine) very compellingly. The work can only be called encyclopedic and covers every possible angle in chronological order. The author makes her case. However, lest you think it’s something you just can’t believe in – extra-terrestrial visitors – Ryanne explains her premise in the epilogue. In fact, I would advise readers to turn to the epilogue first since it puts everything into perspective. The author explains that the purpose of the book is to offer a probability of how things could have happened. Ancient scribes were not interested in fabricating things; they wrote what they saw and knew and that information has been preserved.

There is a message for humankind, should people take the time to listen to the world around them and look up at the stars and take note of things. This book will challenge your beliefs. It has challenged mine but in a way that made me think deeply. What I found even more interesting is the Vatican’s attitude to the possibility of visitors not from this world. The author’s information is reliable, exact, and based on primary sources, science, archaeology, and facts, not fantasy. Being able to connect the dots is remarkable and attests to the author’s dedication to finding the answers. I found the work fascinating, eye-opening, mind-boggling in places, and well worth reading. If you are a fan of ancient history and the development of civilization, then add Ryanne’s book to your bookshelf. I am very glad to have read it and will be using it for my own future research.

Jamie Michele

Comprehensive Study of the Origin of Humankind: Objective Analysis and Vindication of the Unofficial Evidence by Ryanne Maxine Meyersohn is an exhaustively researched look back at the huge breach between what most of us have been taught as true for the entirety of our lives, and what Meyersohn presents as the likeliest scenario of creation and all that followed. Over the course of two and a half dozen chapters, Meyersohn breaks down the argument for Biblical metaphors that may be correct but, in ignoring alternative context, are much bigger than they seem, and the probability of direct extraterrestrial intelligence and influence cultivating our planet and humans as a species to a universally primitive but advanced version of ourselves. Meyersohn introduces cataclysmic and extinction events, parallels between Biblical text and archaeological history, and an evolution that transcends space and time.

Ryanne Maxine Meyersohn is not mincing words when describing Comprehensive Study of the Origin of Humankind; it is extremely comprehensive. It took me quite a long time to wade through all that is written and suss out parcels that were, firstly, most accessible, and, secondly, had some references to back up the claims. To say that this book is a jolt to a person's psychological facilities is an understatement. My familiarity with ancient Egypt as the child of academics and as a woman who traipsed around the globe alone in search of links between myself as a contemporary human and the ancient past that shaped me, was solid going in. Chronology and pre-dynastic history were also solid. What kind of blew me away was not the diversion away from this history as that of Earth, but the way Meyersohn showed how this history is not mutually exclusive. The intertwining of off-Earth influence and construct not only works in tandem with a history that can be proven but makes more sense when applied to what cannot. Readers will need to approach this with an open mind and a lot of time, but wherever you land on the belief scale, this is a good place to start.

Paul Zietsman

Comprehensive Study of the Origin of Humankind by Ryanne Maxine Meyersohn, MS, Ph.D., starts by examining the monolithic structures found in several areas around the world, including the pyramids and the Great Sphinx in Giza, Egypt. Given that several of the monoliths consist of many blocks that are too heavy for modern equipment to lift, this piqued my interest, and I wondered how such a feat was accomplished in what is seen as primitive times. Fantastic research and data are given to hypothesize that the Annunaki, an advanced civilization from the planet Nibiru, came to Earth prior to the proposed evolution of modern man into homo sapiens and that humankind originated from them. In Ryanne's book, mention is made of how certain historical figures and data do not correspond with orthodox scientific views and are therefore dismissed by scientists as mere mythology.
In Comprehensive Study of the Origin of Humankind, Ryanne Maxine Meyersohn led me to review the data and research in such a way that left room for me to draw my own conclusions instead of forcing me into a certain way of thinking. I could tell that this book took many years of research, with the information proving to be reliable and, at the same time, extremely thought-provoking. Often, mentions of the art of the ancients and discoveries made by contemporary scientists are accompanied by vivid photography, adding further credibility to Meyersohn's hypotheses. Many long-held scientific beliefs are brought into question, and as the French philosopher and poet Peter Abelard puts it, "By doubting, we are led to question; by questioning, we arrive at the truth."

Literary Titan

A Treasure Trove of Knowledge
Comprehensive Study of the Origin of Humankind by Ryanne Maxine Meyersohn provides readers with an extensive understanding of Earth’s history, starting from the formation of the Solar System through significant events up to the period of Alexander the Great. The book addresses unanswered questions and provides insightful explanations based on the author’s extensive research. Meyersohn delves deep into the concept of connectivity in the universe, exploring a wide range of evidence, scientific theories, archeological materials, and ancient books. The author presents a wealth of information to support this theory, making the book a treasure trove of knowledge for those interested in the historical subject matter.

One of the appeals of the Comprehensive Study of the Origin of Humankind is its ability to challenge the reader’s understanding. Meyersohn invites readers to question their preconceived notions about human history and our place in the universe. This is not a book that spoon-feeds information; rather, it encourages critical thinking and further exploration. The writing style is engaging, making complex concepts understandable to a wide range of readers. Meyersohn’s passion for the subject matter shines through. Clearly, the author has put a significant amount of time and effort into researching, and She presents the information comprehensively and coherently. The author does an excellent job of showing how alternative histories are not exclusive to religious texts such as the Book of Genesis. This nuanced approach is refreshing and encourages readers to consider multiple perspectives without dismissing any particular belief system.

Comprehensive Study of the Origin of Humankind is an outstanding and highly commendable work. It pushes the limits of our understanding of human history and our place in the universe. With its thought-provoking ideas and engaging writing style, it is sure to captivate anyone interested in exploring the mysteries of human origins.

Carlos Ariel Armando

An Intellectual Triumph
The heart of this enlightening book lies in its ability to shed new light on long-standing enigmas by meticulously analyzing a multitude of ancient texts, scholarly translations, and archaeological records. Through this exhaustive exploration, the author brings to the forefront previously concealed key details, rendering a richer understanding of historical events. Author Ryanne Maxine Meyersohn’s research and passion shows. This book stands as an intellectual triumph, resolving age-old mysteries that have plagued scholars for generations. Its exploratory journey ventures into the realms of the Anunnaki and the Igigi (Watchers, Nephilim), delving into the origins of Homo sapiens and the extinction of various species. Moreover, it skillfully unveils the intricate connections between Mesopotamian texts and the Hebrew patriarchs, offering profound insights into the events surrounding the Great Flood, the significant figures of Abraham and Chedorlaomer, and the profound implications of the Sodom and Gomorrah incident. This illuminating read is a testament to the author's dedication and unyielding pursuit of knowledge. Its thought-provoking perspectives and groundbreaking discoveries challenge the status quo and invite readers to embark on a transformative intellectual adventure.

Comprehensive Study of the Origin of Humankind is an enthralling exploration. It seamlessly weaves together history, archaeology, and ancient texts to offer profound insights into humanity's forgotten past. This informative journey will captivate the minds of curious individuals, leaving them with a newfound appreciation for the untold narratives that shaped our world.

Ivan M

I Love This Kind of Research
Comprehensive Study of the Origin of Humankind by Ryanne Maxine Meyersohn is an intricate exploration that delves into the origins of humanity, presenting a comprehensive analysis of the inception of life on Earth, the ascent of Homo sapiens, and their dominance amidst the diverse species that have inhabited our planet since the emergence of the universe.

Often, historical accounts tend to gravitate towards one of two distinct perspectives on the origin of humankind: the scientific and the theological. Meyersohn successfully integrates both realms, embarking on an extensive investigation of diverse texts that offer valuable glimpses into our past, despite the loss and destruction of numerous historical records.

This book left me contemplating the profound transformation of humanity from a primitive existence mere millennia ago to our current era of artificial intelligence and space exploration. Understanding our roots is essential in navigating the trajectory of our future. Among the plethora of theories explored in this extensive book, none struck me more than the examination of the construction of the pyramids. The question of how ancient civilizations achieved such architectural mastery continues to fuel curiosity. One of the book's strengths lies in preserving the allure of these enduring mysteries, acknowledging that there is still much we do not comprehend about our ancestors. As I progressed through its pages, I found myself increasingly captivated by these theories.

I recommend this enlightening book to those who possess a thirst for expanding their knowledge of humankind. Within these pages, readers will encounter a variety of theories, alongside a wealth of compelling empirical evidence. Yet, amidst this abundance of information, it becomes evident that no single individual possesses all the answers. I extend my gratitude to Ryanne for embarking on this extraordinary journey, which invites us to contemplate the mysteries that continue to shape our collective human narrative.


An Extremely Interesting Read
The author's compelling book presents readers with a meticulously crafted and chronologically structured account of Earth's history, tracing its origins from the formation of the Solar System to the era of Alexander the Great. Central to the author's exploration is the assertion that the Genesis account draws heavily from earlier Mesopotamian texts, prompting a rigorous evaluation of these significant sources. Through a comprehensive analysis encompassing scholarly translations, ancient books, apocryphal texts, historical reports, scientific research, and archaeological records, the author deftly uncovers concealed details and metaphorical messages, bestowing fresh insights into the authentic occurrence of these remarkable events.

This remarkable research endeavor unravels enduring mysteries that have captivated the human mind for centuries. It unveils the enigmatic identities of the Anunnaki and the Igigi, examines the origins of Homo sapiens and the extinction of other species, sheds light on the intriguing longevity attributed to Adam, and offers profound glimpses into the lives of the Hebrew patriarchs. Additionally, it investigates the cataclysmic pre and post-deluge scenarios, provides nuanced perspectives on figures such as Abraham and Chedorlaomer, and explores the intricate circumstances surrounding the infamous events of Sodom and Gomorrah. Moreover, the book strives to establish accurate dates for pivotal historical moments, including the Exodus and the departure of the Anunnaki from Earth. Ultimately, it delves into the profound meanings underlying prophecies found in the Book of Daniel and the eschatological visions of the Book of Revelation while also contemplating the anticipated return of Nibiru. This research represents a paradigm-shifting revelation, challenging prevailing understandings and offering an alternative narrative of ancient events. It compels readers to consider the compelling likelihood that the seemingly fantastical events portrayed in Mesopotamian texts may indeed have transpired. By meticulously examining a diverse range of sources and diligently pursuing the uncovering of hidden truths, this book presents a thought-provoking perspective on the key aspects of who, how, when, and why in ancient times.

While this book may challenge established beliefs, its persuasive arguments are supported by a wide array of authoritative sources. Whether one is an avid history enthusiast, a diligent scholar, or simply intrigued by the mysteries of the past, this book offers an engaging and enlightening expedition into the profound depths of ancient civilization.


A Jewel
Comprehensive Study of the Origin of Humankind by Ryanne Maxine Meyersohn is well researched historical account that delves into the origins of our existence. Engaging in an exploratory journey, Meyersohn draws from a diverse range of sources, culminating in a captivating and enlightening narrative. Astonishingly, the Mesopotamian texts, often dismissed as mere mythology, unravel an intricate flow of events that truly took place. This groundbreaking research unearths the long-awaited answers to perplexing enigmas. The sheer depth and richness of contextual information presented in this book is compelling. Each chapter meticulously explores a wide array of subjects, backed by thorough research. This work is a veritable treasure trove for those passionate about learning more about our past, present, and future. The author's comprehensive approach ensures a seamless reading experience, providing clarity and avoiding any confusion. Beyond offering information, this remarkable research delves into the realm of the unknown and unexplored, igniting the reader's curiosity and inspiring them to embark on further investigations into the essence of humanity and its symbiotic relationship with extraterrestrial beings.

I wholeheartedly recommend this invaluable gem to those who have a love for history, as it sparks both inspiration and a thirst for knowledge. I hope this extraordinary work reaches the minds of countless individuals, urging them to delve deeper into the mysteries of our shared history.


As a passionate aficionado of history, I was thoroughly captivated by the author's meticulous research and adeptness in interweaving a chronologically ordered narrative that unveils the mysteries of our shared past. With an extensive array of sources at her disposal, encompassing accounts from ancient historians, scientific investigations, and archaeological records, Meyersohn's exhaustive quest for knowledge shines through in her book. The result is a compelling compendium of information that illuminates enduring enigmas and offers a fresh perspective on the pivotal events that have shaped our world.

Ryanne Maxine Meyersohn fearlessly plunges into the depths of inquiry, delivering thought-provoking answers to tantalizing questions that have long intrigued history enthusiasts. One particularly noteworthy aspect is her exploration of life's origins and diversification. Skillfully leveraging scientific evidence and theories, she masterfully unveils a captivating tale that exposes the wonders of our planet's evolutionary journey. Furthermore, the book delves into the causes of mass extinctions, unearthing the cyclical nature of life and providing invaluable insights into the ebb and flow of evolution.

This literary masterpiece stands as a testament to the author's exceptional storytelling abilities. Seamlessly melding extensive research with a captivating narrative, she creates a reading experience that is simultaneously enlightening and enthralling. I found myself completely engrossed in its pages, unable to tear myself away.

Truly a gem for any history enthusiast, this book extends an invitation to embark on a thrilling adventure through the corridors of time, leaving an indelible mark on one's understanding of our collective past. The author's unwavering commitment to unraveling the secrets of history permeates every chapter, rendering this work an indispensable read for anyone seeking a profound appreciation of our world's rich background.

Marina Lujan

This captivating book takes readers on an extraordinary journey through the timeline of Earth's history, spanning from the formation of the solar system to the era of Alexander the Great. With meticulous research rooted in reports from ancient historians, scientific investigations, and archaeological records, the author weaves together a compelling and chronologically ordered narrative that sheds light on long-standing enigmas and unveils the pivotal events that have shaped our collective past.

Far surpassing a mere historical account, this book delves into the depths of inquiry, providing in-depth explorations and thought-provoking answers to a myriad of captivating questions. From the outset, the author immerses us in the mesmerizing realm of the Anunnaki and the Igigi, explaining their true identities and illuminating their profound influence on the tapestry of human history. With remarkable clarity, the author navigates these intriguing themes, leaving readers with a thorough understanding of the enigmatic forces that have shaped our collective destiny.

Continuing the enthralling journey, we witness the emergence of Homo sapiens and the evolutionary trajectories of other species that have graced our planet. Drawing upon scientific evidence and theories, the author unveils the captivating story of life's origins and diversification. Furthermore, the book delves into the causes of mass extinctions, unraveling the intricate tapestry of life's cyclical nature and offering invaluable insights into the ebb and flow of evolution. Of particular significance is the author's meticulous examination of the Great Flood, drawing upon historical and archaeological records to decipher the chain of events leading to this cataclysmic global event. By scrutinizing its aftermath and the ensuing impact on humanity and subsequent civilizations, the author presents a panoramic view of the transformations that reshaped our world.

The author expertly combines scholarly research with an engaging narrative, resulting in an exceptional and captivating reading experience. The author's ability to seamlessly convey complex and detailed information in an accessible and engrossing manner is truly commendable. Beyond its allure for history enthusiasts, this book ignites the flames of curiosity, beckoning readers to delve deeper into the mysteries of our past. It stands as a testament to the author's unwavering commitment to unraveling the secrets of our history, leaving an indelible mark on all who embark upon its pages.

Andrea Wilhelm

You May be Taken by Surprise
Ryanne Maxine Meyersohn's monumental work, Comprehensive Study of the Origin of Humankind, spanning an impressive thirty chapters and encompassing six hundred and seventy-seven pages, stands as a testament to over eight years of meticulous research. While initially daunting in its scope, this engrossing read quickly captivates readers with its profound insights and illuminating revelations. Within its pages, countless unanswered questions find resolution, and the author's commitment to fostering critical thinking becomes apparent, urging readers to question prevailing beliefs and forge their own understanding.

To ensure the utmost accuracy and chronological precision, Meyersohn undertook an exhaustive examination of a vast array of documents, ancient writings, and historical sites. Her unwavering commitment to staying abreast of the latest developments and research has culminated in an exceptional study of remarkable depth and significance. From a young age, the author harbored a profound fascination with the origins of humanity and the mysteries of creation. While the Bible offered tantalizing glimpses, it also left many questions unanswered, sparking her quest for a more comprehensive understanding. In particular, there were two biblical mentions—a once-prolonged human lifespan and the existence of giants. Remarkably, an archaeological tablet corroborates the prolonged lifespan of Sumerian rulers, who are said to have lived for thousands of years, as did the race of giants, known as Anakim or Nephilim, who once ruled the Earth.

To truly benefit from this exceptional work, readers are encouraged to approach it with open-mindedness, setting aside preconceived assumptions and theories to embrace the unexpected. A willingness to embrace curiosity and be taken by surprise serves as the foundation for an enriching and transformative experience within the pages of this thoroughly researched book. Its vast scope and thought-provoking insights make it an indispensable read for those seeking a deeper understanding of our shared human heritage.

Ashley Mitchell

Indispensable Read
This scholarly exploration offers a comprehensive and engaging journey through the history of Earth, spanning from the formation of the Solar System to the era of Alexander the Great. With its voluminous content of around 600 pages, the book lends itself to a manageable reading experience when approached in smaller increments, allowing for a more thorough digestion of the wealth of information presented. As a devoted enthusiast of historical knowledge, I found a great appreciation for Ryanne Maxine Meyersohn's eloquent prose and meticulous approach to sourcing, which serve to construct a reliable and well-supported narrative.

One of the most captivating sections of the book delves into the intriguing subject of the Anunnaki gods and their profound connection to DNA. Within the context of the Anunnaki, Meyersohn conducts a thoughtful examination of the comparative analysis of DNA sequences between humans and other mammalian species, such as orangutans and chimpanzees. Particularly fascinating is the author's contemplation that "genes for longevity, intelligence, and height are related and can be stimulated by mixing different races with people who have high genetic diversity." However, it was disheartening to confront the historical account of early Native Americans as one of the world's largest populations at the time, while witnessing the disparities between their civilizations and those in Europe and Asia.

The thought-provoking perspectives presented in this book lingered in my mind long after I had turned the final page. Meyersohn skillfully introduces a multitude of captivating ideas and provides detailed insights into lesser-known civilizations, making this book an indispensable read for anyone with a passion for understanding the intricacies of our shared history.
This fascinating exploration of Earth's history offers a captivating and well-supported narrative that spans a vast timeline. Meyersohn's eloquent prose, meticulous research, and thought-provoking insights make this book a highly recommended read for those seeking a deeper understanding of our collective past.


This remarkable and ambitious work offers an enthralling excursion through time, tracing the history of our planet from its very inception to the era of Alexander the Great. With careful research and a captivating narrative, author Ryanne Maxine Meyersohn has crafted an engaging read. Delving into the pivotal events and influential figures that have shaped the course of human history, the author's prowess shines through, leaving readers engrossed in an abundance of knowledge.
The author has set the book in chronological order, skillfully guiding readers through the eons with a deft hand. Enhanced by the inclusion of evocative images that serve as compelling artifacts from the past, the narrative breathes life into bygone eras, transporting readers to a vivid tale of human civilization. I particularly applaud the author's judicious use of primary and secondary sources, including archaeological discoveries and investigations, which lend undeniable credibility and authenticity to the information presented. Contrary to preconceived notions, the book achieves a remarkable balance between accessibility and engagement. It deftly avoids overwhelming readers with complex historical intricacies, making it a welcoming read for individuals of all backgrounds and levels of historical knowledge. As I delved into its pages, I found myself effortlessly acquiring knowledge, unaware of the profound education unfolding before me. The section dedicated to the Neolithic Revolution resonated deeply with me and was my favorite chapter. The thorough data presented during this period is nothing short of sublime, surpassing all expectations and providing a truly immersive experience. The depth of detail is commendable, enriching the reader's understanding and fostering an appreciation for this pivotal era.
Comprehensive Study of the Origin of Humankind stands as an invaluable resource, not only for avid history enthusiasts but also for anyone seeking to grasp the intricate development of our planet and the myriad cultures that have shaped it. This book beckons readers to explore the depths of time and gain a deep understanding of our ancestors' legacy.

Susan Bi

A Great Book
Author Ryanna Meyersohn captivates readers with her profound fascination for ancient history in her first book, offering a meticulously crafted chronology of Earth's pivotal events. From the celestial formation of the Solar System to the era of Alexander the Great, Meyersohn takes us on an enlightening journey through time. Meyersohn's inspiration to delve into this undertaking stems from her realization that much of the Genesis account had already been recorded in ancient Mesopotamian texts, dating back thousands of years. With utmost reverence for these ancient writings, she urges readers to approach them with an open mind, devoid of any preconceived notions or biases, in order to fully appreciate their intrinsic value.

Initially, I found it challenging to set aside my own preconceptions, as the author requested. However, as I immersed myself in the pages of this highly informative book, my perspective shifted, allowing me to absorb the wealth of knowledge it contained. The author provides readers with a wealth of information filled with history, dates, and images making the reader feel like they are watching a documentary on the History Channel. Meyersohn skillfully weaves together historical details, breathing life into the past, while her own fervor for the subject permeates the text igniting readers' curiosity. I also appreciated that the author provided a little information about herself and how she became fascinated with history.

Comprehensive Study of the Origin of Humankind stands as an incomparably informative masterpiece that has transported me through the annals of ancient civilizations. Serving as an invaluable resource for anyone intrigued by the enigmas and wonders of the past, this book provides a solid foundation of knowledge while fostering a profound appreciation for the enduring legacies of ancient cultures.

Dani Savante

Interesting Book
With profound insights into the sequence of events that have shaped our world, the author challenges conventional understanding and encourages readers to embark on their own intellectual journey. Meyersohn's work serves as an invitation to question the narratives of the past, fostering a spirit of inquiry and inspiring readers to pursue further research and exploration. The author's relatable writing style further enhances the reading experience, ensuring that readers can easily engage with the concepts presented. One of the notable strengths of this book is the author's commitment to supporting her concepts with factual evidence, ensuring that her work stands as a credible and reliable resource. This approach establishes a solid foundation for readers to delve into the fascinating topics discussed within the book. Regardless of one's prior knowledge or personal beliefs, the pages of this book offer an enriching and enlightening expedition of discovery and authenticity.

Ryanne Maxine Meyersohn's book is an engaging and thought-provoking exploration of the origins of humankind. With meticulous research, relatable writing, and a commitment to factual evidence, the author presents readers with an opportunity to question established narratives and embark on their own intellectual exploration. Whether a novice or an expert in the subject matter, readers will find this book to be a valuable resource that sparks curiosity and offers new insights into the intricacies of our shared history.

Maria Paula Castellanos

This remarkable book offers readers a comprehensive and meticulously crafted account of Earth's history. Far from a conventional historical narrative, it comprises thirty captivating chapters that delve into a myriad of ancient events, revealing the when, how, and why behind these enigmatic occurrences. Through extensive research, Meyersohn addresses long-standing mysteries that have eluded definitive explanations until now. History enthusiasts will relish the opportunity to explore the formation of the solar system, decipher Mesopotamian texts, unveil the secrets of the ice age, trace the rise of empires, trace the origin of Homo sapiens, delve into the evolution of modern humans, and even delve into the intriguing civilization of the Anunnaki. Within these pages, readers will discover a thought-provoking assortment of possibilities that challenge the established truths of history, drawing insights from the texts of non-preserved ancient cultures.

At first glance, the book may appear overwhelming due to its wealth of information. However, Meyersohn's masterful writing style and ability to distill complex concepts make the reading experience remarkably accessible. As I immersed myself in the book, I found myself effortlessly engaged, and upon finishing, I was inspired to delve even deeper into the subject matter through further research.

Without a doubt, this exceptional book will captivate and enthrall its readers. The information presented within its pages is undoubtedly unique and represents a valuable addition to historical literature.

Saya Jacaranda

Truly Commendable
Comprehensive Study of the Origin of Humankind is an expansive masterpiece that takes readers on an enthralling expedition through the remarkable journey of our history.

In an era where history is often presented as disjointed fragments, Meyersohn's work stands out as a beacon of coherence and clarity. The book's ability to seamlessly weave together the fabric of the past, making sense of diverse events and their interplay, is truly commendable. This remarkable approach offers readers a newfound appreciation for the subject matter, even captivating those who may have previously lacked enthusiasm for history. I was pleasantly surprised by the impact this book had on me. Meyersohn's unique perspective and captivating storytelling managed to ignite a spark of curiosity within me, planting the seeds of interest that expanded my horizons. This book serves as an exceptional gateway for individuals seeking to delve into the captivating realm of history, encouraging a deeper understanding and appreciation of our shared past. I was profoundly moved by the author's evident passion and dedication to her craft. Meyersohn's energy and love for this subject matter is palpable throughout the book, creating an engaging and meaningful reading experience. The meticulous organization of the content ensures that even those who are not history enthusiasts can easily follow and grasp the intricacies presented.

In an era where the value of information is often overlooked, this book serves as a resounding reminder of the importance of intellectual growth. Prepare to embark on a transformative journey that will leave you with a profound sense of enlightenment.

Santiago Flores

A Great Read
Author Ryanne Maxine Meyersohn challenges conventional archaeology and presents a compelling narrative that aims to expand the reader's knowledge of the past. The author utilizes an easy to understand vocabulary that makes this book accessible to a wide audience. The book is neatly organized, and the information flows smoothly to ensure an easy-to-follow experience for readers as they explore the detailed history of Earth, ranging from the formation of the Solar System to the time of Alexander the Great.

The book immerses readers in our history by examining the Genesis account of the Flood and its parallel descriptions in Mesopotamian texts, predating the biblical version by thousands of years. By analyzing scholarly translations and ancient books, the author reveals previously undisclosed key details that are crucial to comprehending the true events. Additionally, the book explores metaphorical texts that have yet to be fully deciphered, adding depth to the investigation and shedding light on the actual occurrences. The author's research draws from a diverse range of sources, including apocryphal books, ancient historians' reports, scientific research, and archaeological records. Through extensive analysis and meticulous reading, the book presents a wealth of clues that contribute to the understanding of pivotal events throughout human history. The culmination of this research leads to the striking conclusion that the events narrated in ancient texts and many well-known stories, such as the Flood and Exodus, likely took place in reality.
Comprehensive Study of the Origin of Humankind is a great read for those who are curious about our history.

Margarita Garcia

Interesting Points of View
Ryanne Maxine Meyersohn presents an extensive book that focuses on the origins of humanity. The author's passion for ancient history has culminated in this intriguing compilation, offering insights into the civilizations that have shaped our planet since the dawn of humanity. Spanning thirty chapters, this work assembles a wealth of valuable information and data, providing readers with a fresh and comprehensive perspective on the birth of our species and elucidating the profound implications of historical events that continue to reverberate in the present day.

Within these pages, readers will encounter a meticulous exploration of DNA evolution throughout various civilizations, shedding light on the mysteries surrounding the extinction of certain societies and even contemplating the existence of extraterrestrial influences. Given the breadth and depth of the subject matter, I highly recommend approaching this book with attentiveness, as the intricacies of the topic demand careful consideration. Fortunately, the author's commendable organizational skills ensure a coherent and accessible presentation, facilitating a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

The author has taken great care in referencing and sourcing materials for her research, bolstering the credibility and reliability of the information presented. While some of the content may provoke controversy among certain readers, I believe it is important to embrace diverse perspectives and expand our minds to alternative possibilities. This book serves as a compelling platform for such intellectual exploration.

This thought-provoking read helps explain the factors contributing to the extraordinary development of our own civilization and how they continue to shape our lives today. From the influence on religious beliefs to the advent of agriculture and the evolution of architectural marvels, A Comprehensive Study of the Origin of Humankind enriches our understanding of the knowledge we possess. I recommend this book to those eager to delve into the captivating realm of our ancestors. Within these pages lies an investigation that offers an opportunity to broaden our intellectual horizons.

Carlitas Fox

An Absorbing and Challenging Read
This book boldly opens with the fundamental premise that evidence permeates every facet of our existence. From ancient civilizations to the present day, a plethora of accounts and discoveries corroborate the existence of bygone eras and their inhabitants. Through meticulous analysis of historical data, captivating visuals, and deciphered texts and manuscripts from Mesopotamia, the author unveils the secrets concealed within these ancient enigmas.

Undoubtedly, the pursuit of knowledge necessitates inquisitive inquiry, and within the pages of this remarkable work, many of humanity's most perplexing questions find resolution through the expertise of esteemed historians and scholars. As an individual who had not delved into our history since graduating college, I embarked upon this literary voyage and was immediately captivated by the abundance of information. The meticulous scrutiny, comparisons, and erudition required to navigate the labyrinthine corridors of history are arduous yet immensely rewarding. In addition to historical occurrences, the book delves into the intertwining of religion, particularly the biblical narrative, Judaism, and the lives of significant religious figures. While the expanse of the book may appear daunting, its inherent magnetism ensured that I traversed its pages with ease. Memorizing the numerous names of individuals proved to be a challenge, yet this minor impediment pales in comparison to the book's overall merit.

Each fact is meticulously elucidated, supplemented by vivid illustrations that facilitate a deeper comprehension and visualization of historical events. The inclusion of such visual aids proved indispensable in unraveling various historical details, casting an illuminating light upon a plethora of intricacies hitherto unknown to me. Enthusiasts of history will undoubtedly deem this book a gem, a testament to the author's scholarly rigor and comprehensive approach.

Susel Dezzani

Amazing Book
With meticulous research and persuasive arguments, Meyerson pushes the boundaries of our understanding and delves into the profound depths of human origins.

The complexity of the subject matter does not deter Meyerson's ability to engage readers. Her writing style strikes a harmonious balance, seamlessly blending scholarly analysis with captivating storytelling. This skillful approach ensures that readers remain engrossed from beginning to end. A notable attribute of this book is the author's unwavering commitment to objective analysis. Meyerson adopts a scientific mindset, meticulously examining a vast array of unofficial evidence, including ancient myths, archaeological findings, and cultural traditions. By deftly interweaving these diverse sources, she uncovers connections and illuminates patterns that cast an intriguing light on our understanding of human origins. Throughout the book, Meyerson takes readers on a captivating expedition through different civilizations, mythologies, and historical records. The abundance of information and alternative theories presented is staggering. Yet, Meyerson's commendable talent lies in her ability to synthesize intricate ideas and present them with utmost clarity and accessibility.

What truly distinguishes this book is Meyerson's unwavering dedication to vindicating unofficial evidence. Recognizing the limitations of official scientific narratives, she fearlessly delves into controversial and marginalized theories, approaching them with an open mind. This approach invites readers to explore unconventional perspectives and contemplate alternative possibilities concerning human origins. Additionally, the book is substantiated with thorough references and citations, rendering it an invaluable resource for further exploration.

Ryanne Maxine Meyerson's meticulous research, objective analysis, and unwavering commitment to vindicating unofficial evidence render this book indispensable for anyone with an interest in anthropology, archaeology, and the enigmatic enigmas that shroud our ancient past.

Mariela Semprini

Interesting and Educational
Ryanne Maxine Meyersohn has written an intriguing and thoroughly researched book that takes readers through the chronicles of humanity. Meyersohn expertly presents an array of groundbreaking studies and evidence, shedding light on the enigmatic origins and mysteries that have shrouded human history. The author skillfully weaves together a collection of knowledge, drawing from diverse disciplines such as metaphysics, ancient history, scientific research, and archaeology.

A distinguishing feature of this book lies in its exploration of lesser-known studies and research, unraveling ancient enigmas that have long eluded comprehension. By examining apocryphal books, reports from ancient historians, scientific research, and archaeological records, the author skillfully pieces together an intriguing narrative that challenges conventional wisdom. Meyersohn's belief in the Mesopotamian tablets as the primary source for the Book of Genesis adds a compelling dimension to her work, fostering a sense of authenticity and depth. The author's exhaustive analysis of multiple theories, sources, and evidence culminates in conclusions that are meticulously documented in this intriguing book. One of the book's most commendable aspects is Meyersohn's ability to illuminate uncharted territories in human history. She deftly uncovers hidden narratives, allowing readers to unearth aspects of our collective past that were previously unknown. This sense of discovery and revelation permeates the entire work, making it athought-provoking experience. The book's seamless readability, accompanied by well-structured chapters and insightful subheadings, ensures that readers remain engaged from beginning to end. Visual aids effectively complement the text, capturing the reader's attention and enhancing the experience.

Meyersohn's passion and dedication shine through as she presents a wealth of knowledge, challenging preconceived notions and captivating readers with an unending quest for understanding. This book is highly recommended for anyone with a curiosity about the origins of humankind.