Dancing by the Christmas Lights

Carlisle Bay Duo Series Book 2

Fiction - Holiday
Kindle Edition
Reviewed on 01/22/2023
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Maria Victoria Beltran for Readers' Favorite

Dancing by the Christmas Lights: Carlisle Bay Duo Series by Angie Ellington is the second installment of this enjoyable series. Brady Carlisle and Olivia Shields are in love and happy together in Carlisle Bay, Connecticut. The couple’s life is almost perfect, but Brady is worried about his family. Christmas is approaching and his mom, who suffers from depression, is left home alone most of the time because his dad is always away for his part-time consulting business. His sister Lauren, who left almost thirteen years ago feeling shunned and wanting nothing to do with her family, is planning to spend Christmas with them. As the Christmas spirit pervades the bay, Brady and Olivia want the family to reconnect. Can Christmas magic erase the painful scars of yesteryears and bring the Carlisle family together?

Angie Ellington’s Dancing by the Christmas Lights is an enchanting sequel to the first book, Dancing in the Moonlight. It is a feel-good novel with interesting and real-life characters. Set during the Christmas season in the close-knit community of Carlisle Bay, the author captures the cheer and festive ambiance that always come with the season. The wintry backdrop is perfect for a story that deals with second chances. Since one of the features of Christmas is the family reunion, it also highlights misunderstanding in the family. As Brady and Olivia navigate the uncertainty of reconnecting the bonds of the Carlisle family, many of us can relate to their predicament. Nevertheless, the hint of romance in the air makes Dancing by the Christmas Lights a happy read.