Dare to Choose

A Journey of Self-Healing

Non-Fiction - Self Help
105 Pages
Reviewed on 06/16/2017
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Author Biography

Welcome to Dare to Choose. Hi, my name is Marie. I am a cancer survivor that beat the odds. I am a mother of four children and a grandmother of three children, a careerwoman, a friend, an acquaintance, an ordinary person that you pass by in the street or sit next to in the café where you buy your latte from, or that person you pass down the aisle in the supermarket. I am an ordinary person with the ability to turn ordinary in to extraordinary.

I believe you can too, by choosing to change the story that you are telling yourself. What do you believe, and are your beliefs serving you well?

I have learnt that most things in life are about choices, believing in yourself, and having the courage to face all of our fears. No matter what we are facing, it’s up to us how we react, what we accept, and what we believe. I not only want to share my journey with you; I want to invite you to be part of the Dare to Choose community, where I hope you will be inspired to make awesome choices in your life, where you will be cheered on by people just like you, and where you will be encouraged to keep choosing life and making this life your masterpiece!

    Book Review

Reviewed by Divine Zape for Readers' Favorite

In introducing Dare to Choose: A Journey of Self-Healing, Marie Chronopoulos states: “A book on self-healing is never just a book. An idea for a book that finds its spark in the shadow of cancer is never just the seed of a story. It becomes much more than that. It gains a life of its own. It turns into a channel, a vessel, a chain reaction. At least that is how I’ve come to see this story and this book. My story, born of unexpected news, impossible odds, and relentless fighting.” After reading this spellbinding, highly inspirational and informative book, I couldn’t agree more with her. This memoir is a gem that is loaded with powerful insights and wisdom, a book that opens a self-healing path to readers, and this isn’t just about healing from cancer, but mostly about living a healthy physical, moral, and spiritual life. In exploring answers to her illness, the author has unveiled powerful techniques, exciting truths, and knowledge to heal ourselves.

Meet Marie in these pages, a dynamic and healthy woman in her mid-life, enjoying the joys of her family, a happy marriage, and a career when the devastating diagnosis of cancer comes, shattering her everything. In this book, she chronicles how she pulled herself together and started on a meaningful journey towards healing. From nutrition to exercise, from healthy habits to a powerful mindset, and from healing thoughts and meditation to a deep spiritual reach, Marie Chronopoulos guides readers on a journey towards wholeness and happiness. Dare to Choose: A Journey of Self-Healing is laced with interesting and entertaining anecdotes, insightful writing, and thoughts that will inspire readers. Written in a light-hearted and encouraging tone, this book will resonate in the hearts of those suffering from any kind of illness, and those seeking to live healthier and more meaningful lives. Here is one of the books I will be revisiting very often to find wisdom and light.

Jane Finch

Dare to Choose by Marie Chronopoulos: A Journey of Self-Healing tells of the writer’s personal journey through the diagnosis of cancer, her initial despair, the process of healing, and the way she was able to turn everything negative into a positive. Faced with a poor prognosis, and told to set her affairs in order, Marie decided to take control of her life and to face the threat of cancer head on. She details the way she did this, which was basically changing her whole lifestyle. But not just the way she lived, what she ate, and products she used, but by changing her mindset: thinking positively, exploring self-belief and love for others as well as love for herself. Combined with a faith in God that strengthened and empowered her, Dare to Choose is an inspirational and motivational book on making the impossible become the possible.

The author, Marie Chronopoulos, gives a very personal account of her inner struggles to cope with such a diagnosis, admits to her despair and hopelessness, and then chronicles the way she was able to overcome all the obstacles thrown at her by a combination of belief, determination, and positivity. There are practical aspects like healthy living and some recipes to try. There are solutions to the toxic chemicals brought into the home. There is examination of meditation and ways to achieve this with breathing exercises, and discussion on the power of self-belief. So not only is this book one woman’s journey to overcome the impossible, it is a practical guide to others who may find themselves faced with a similar life-changing scenario.

Rich Follett

Dare to Choose: A Journey of Self-Healing by Marie Chronopoulos is a veritable treasure trove of affirmations, inspirations, hard-won wisdom, and practical solutions for those battling chronic illness and/or working toward positivity and physical and spiritual wellness in their lives. Chronopoulos writes in an easy, affable, conversational style that seems as intimate as a personal consultation. Her affection for her reader is sincere, as is her passionate belief in our ability to heal our bodies and our spirits through the power of positive thinking, meditation, breathing deeply, physical activity, proper nutrition and diet, and faith.

There is absolutely no one on planet Earth who would not benefit from reading this warm, engaging, inspiring and empowering book. Marie Chronopoulos has crafted an appealing and practical primer with gifts to offer to anyone willing to undertake an open-minded journey toward a better life. The easy-to-read text is peppered with inspirational quotes, real-life photos documenting Chronopoulos’ journey, recipes and schedules, airy graphics, and details of her own personal experiences--details which touch the heart even as they inspire the mind and the spirit. Perhaps Marie’s own words, quoted from the Introduction, say it best: “You are not alone. You have a purpose. You are loved. And just like me, you have the power; you can make changes and create new miracles in your life, if you dare to choose.” Dare to Choose: A Journey of Self-Healing by Marie Chronopoulos is a must-read little triumph of a book, beckoning with the promise of hope and self-actualization in real and genuine ways that only a survivor’s determination can accomplish.

Vernita Naylor

“And I believe our stories were meant to inspire one person above all others: ourselves,” says Marie Chronopoulos in her book, Dare to Choose: A Journey of Self-Healing. What are you living for? A paycheck? What makes you happy? Getting the latest phone? Marie is an Australian woman that seemed to have it all until one day she discovered a lump on her collarbone and then everything changed. Marie was forty-one when she was diagnosed with myxoid liposarcoma. This cancer is so rare that it represents 1% of the cancer cases. To help Marie through her journey of healing, she depended upon prayer, meditation, mindfulness, nutrition, a new diet, and making a tremendous shift in her life. Her routine from what she put on her body, in her mouth, and what she was dealing with was the catalyst in helping her to overcome all of the surgeries, tumors and invasions that her body had encountered. Additionally, there was a list of books that Marie used that were crucial for her healing journey that she shares with the reader.

Reading Marie Chronopoulos’ life story will cause anyone to shift their life’s perspective and see that it's the quality of life of how we live, what we eat and how we deal with day to day challenges that reflects our outcome, especially when faced with a life threatening disease. This book is all about choices, truth, and facing the man in the mirror. What you say to yourself and how you think throughout the day becomes your reality. So let's answer these questions again. What are you living for? What makes you happy? Embrace with me what Marie Chronopoulos teaches, take the reins of your life, and visualize a new you.

Janelle Alex, Ph.D.

Living life on your own terms means you can’t just blindly go with the flow. Instead, you have to pay close attention to how you treat your body, mind and spirit. Marie Chronopoulos found out the hard way - a shocking and devastating way - that very concept. Not only did she face a body filled with cancerous tumors that doctors didn’t believe were survivable, she faced a world that pushes us into feeding our bodies the exact poisonous nonsense that leads to those tumors. Marie shares her story and how to overcome your own challenges in Dare to Choose: A Journey of Self-Healing.

Inside Dare to Choose, readers will be more than inspired to make major changes to their health through what they eat and what they ingest through their bodies. Marie Chronopoulos explains how she manages, even with a very hectic schedule. It truly is a no-excuses type of support. On top of that, readers will find easy recipes to create breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Far from being a book of recipes, but having a few included, the book offers a great example of how it CAN be done. Marie also shares how to improve the health of one’s spirit, mind and physical body through meditation and exercise. Dare to Choose is a very well-written book that will uplift readers who may be facing life-threatening illness, and it will inspire readers who are not to take measures to create a solid plan of prevention. Marie Chronopoulos says it all when she says, "If you can visualise it, you can create it!”